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Performance Tested

All of our designs and specialized fabrics were created to make men feel great all day with an irresistible fit that performs under the most demanding conditions.

DickPrint Fabric Innovation

We custom blend the world’s best fibers into even better fabrics—ones that perform as great as they feel.

Everything we make is ethically produced in amfori BSCI certified factories. Learn More.

Luxe Life Solids

Everyday all-day fabric designed for active, sexy men. Our Luxe Life blend is a custom blend of 47% pure cotton, 47% flexible, soft, and breathable Modal™, and 6% Spandex™.

Luxe Life Flex

Quite possibly the softest, most breathable, and sexiest fabric your manhood should ever touch. Our Luxe Life blend is a custom blend of 90% Polyester, 10% flexible and breathable Spandex™ to hold everything in just the right place.

DickPrint Soft-T Blend

Our T-Shirts feature the perfect blend of soft cotton (55%) and moisture wicking, perfectly hung, easy-care polyester (45%). Fits and looks great, comes off easily.

Malibu Quick-Dry

The soft, smooth blend we developed for our swimwear is light, dries quickly, and is designed to pull moisture away from your skin. The result is a comfortable, non-clingy, wear that stretches and flexes. Perfect for a day at the beach or pool and night at the bar afterward.

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