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Youtube and the How-to Video

by Alex John |

With the wealth of the world’s knowledge at our fingertips, there is a more fluid idea of what kind of limitations we have. Any interest can be nurtured, and with top quality information. If you are wanting to know more about astrophysics, you could be starting an intro class by an internationally renowned professor within a couple minutes. has become a great resource for content, salvaged movies and clips and songs to work out our nostalgia and, really, entertainment of any kind. It is also an incredible resource when it comes to how-to and other educational or step-by-step format videos. Here are some really diverse areas that you can explore further on Youtube. 

Outdoor Survival

There are many videos out there of people purported to be alone in the wilderness, and all the incredible feats they perform. While this makes for fun and thrilling footage, there is also an educational component to the content. The wilderness survivors usually include tips and an explanation of skills while they are out on their adventures. This could include identifying helpful plants for medicines and foods, how to trap animals and how to start a fire and build a shelter.

You can look up videos that detail important skills for the specific areas where you live or plan to visit.

Tips for Style and Dressing

There are a good catalog of videos out there that deal with personal style for men. These exist at all levels. So, whether you are looking forward to new trends and where to find them or you just want to go over the basics, there is most likely a creator and a channel just for you.

You don’t have to follow one person, though. You can also search by topic. Let’s say you want to look for ways to style your joggers - that could be completed with a simple search.

Household, Yard and Automotive Basics

There are a lot of stories about newer generations being less equipped for the repairs and responsibilities that come with running a home and garden. If you feel like you are in this boat, check out how-to videos on a variety of tasks. You will see you are more capable than you imagined. There are providers who make it their job to cover a wide variety of “basic” life skills in the home or outsider. You can also just search by task. Everything from gardening to getting out stains is lovingly detailed by dedicated content providers. 

Renovation and Construction

Beyond the basics, you may already be a pretty handy guy. Youtube videos can also help with more specific, difficult and involved tasks. If you search for something like repairing stairs, you will most likely be met with a lot of great information about the process, but also valuable troubleshooting information. Chances are the people making the videos have run into a lot of the problems that are out there, when it comes to any specific task. This is why it can be a really good idea to benefit from the experiences of others, especially of experts who have dedicated their time to educating others.