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Winter Fashion Tips for Men

by Alex John |

Winter is in full swing, which means it’s time to cover up. But just because you’re adding layers, doesn’t mean you can look sloppy and bulky. You’re better than that. As the seasons change, you should adapt with the fashion needs fitting for the time of year. Swimwear and T-shirts might be out for now, but there’s plenty of ways to maintain your swagger when it’s cold. Here are some winter fashion tips! 

Long Wool Coats

Tis the season to rock that awesome, wool coat. Nothing says “high fashion” like wearing a long coat in the winter time. Go for an espionage or East coast look. In other words, you can keep it formal or more casual. A coat is an incredibly diverse clothing option as it’s both practical and chic. Keep it real with a popular winter piece and put on that coat to look fetching and fine!

Gloves and Beanies

Having a bad hair day but still wanting to look handsome? Beanies are a fitting fashion accessory for the season. Gloves are another accessory to ward off the cold. Whether you’re looking for a leather or knitted glove, gloves and beanies are fun for breaking things up! Wearing Fingerless gloves with glasses and a beanie is one way to don a classy, hipster look. It’s not for everyone, but there are several ways to play it up while keeping warm!

Chunky Boots

Laceless or lace up, boots are an elegant choice. Mostly popular in fall and winter, there are a range of light and dark colors to choose from. Boots are a great statement piece. You can play up a classic, elegant look with a chunky boot, or don something smooth to blend in. You’ll notice that a lot of celebrities, both men and women, are keeping it fresh with a stand out boot. Why not you?  

Keep Underwear Simple

The time for crazy patterns is done by the time the first fall leaf hits the ground. Not to fear! Our underwear comes in an array of whole colors. Made of 47% cotton and modal, Dickprint stands by comfortable, breathable style. We also offer polyester and latex choices. You shouldn’t be restricted to just one color or feel! Just remember to keep it simple, and save the complex designs for summer time! 

Keep it fresh year round with the fashion tips we mentioned! Life has a way of slowing down in the winter, but your style should always be on point. So man up and keep on looking chic! Elegance has no restriction of age or season, so there’s never an excuse not to look your absolute best. Keep it up! You're awesome even when it’s cold!