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Where is Men’s Fashion Headed in Spring 2022?

by Sabrena Gartland |

This Spring, men’s fashion heads forward, into the past. Whether you’re talking accessories, your basics like shirts or pants, or even additional pieces like vests and jackets, there’s a little retro flair in most of what to look out for in 2022.

Get Accessorizing

This Spring and Summer, GQ says to be on the lookout for just the right pair of glasses. As always, if they’re just for fashion, you can go hard in whatever direction you want. If you actually have a prescription, you might be a little more limited on your choices, but at least you’re ahead of the curve.

You also can’t go wrong with a big, chunky chain. Whether on your wrist or your neck, sporting a chain is getting it.

Top Half

It all depends where someone is looking first, but your shirts and jackets and anything else on your torso is a gateway to whichever half they look at next. Fix it up so that the trip in either direction is a positive one.

  • Cutout Shirts: Vogue France sees a near future where shirts with holes cut out are the future of men’s fashion. It’s catching on among designers, and if you can do it, there’s nothing wrong with finding a new way to show some skin.
  • Thermals: While the seventies are making a re-comeback, the nineties are no slouch, either. The grunge, t-shirt-over-a-thermal might be on its way back in.
  • Sleeveless sweaters: Want to stay warm in your core but cold where you hold? That almost makes sense, and to some, so does the return of the sleeveless sweater.
  • Vests: Sure, cutting the arms off of sweaters might seem weird, but why not cut the arms off of a button-up shirt and wear it over one with sleeves? That’s basically what’s happening with vests, which are making a comeback in more than just leather – even knit vests are a thing, now
  • Varsity jackets: If you like sports but weren’t good at them, go back all the way to the 1950s and you’ll see the inspiration for this comeback. They’re stiff and uncomfortable, and maybe warm? Still, there’s a consensus that varsity jackets are on the upswing

Bottom Half

If the eyes drift here, there’s no telling who you’re dealing with, but regardless, you always want pants that make you feel good. Here are some possible 2022 “downward” trends.

  • Flared Trousers: The seventies aren’t just back, they’re behind. As in on your butt. Not quite bell-bottoms, but nowhere near skinny jeans, these throwbacks will make you feel like a real Wilmer Valderrama trying to feel like a real John Travolta.
  • Summer leather: Leather is warm, but the little voices tell us that it’s making a comeback, even in warmer weather, in pants form.
  • Heels: Heels make your legs look good, no way around it. Give it a shot, and pretend you know what women go through.

All The Business

To accompany your other fashion choices, consider that the color green wants to come back this season, as well as glittery, shiny party attire. Whatever you choose, make sure you feel good looking good.