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What is Trending in Men’s Jewelry

by Sabrena Gartland |

You’re not exactly neglecting your wardrobe if you don’t think about your accessories, but you certainly aren’t doing it any favors that way. You can change your lines, add pops of color and even create the centerpiece of the right outfit with a good piece of jewelry. Finding the right accessories is easier when you have a solid grasp of your own style, but jewelry can also be one of the more forgiving parts of an outfit, so experimentation is welcome. Here are five men’s jewelry trends on the horizon.

Bracelets with Strong Motifs

Digging around, you’ll find a lot of bracelets on the “up and coming” in style lists that almost look like charm bracelets, they’re so decked out with bling and sculpted pieces – even names or initials. Some of them are themed, like anchors for a nautical theme, or nature themed with hawks or eagle’s heads. Finding something that speaks to the things you want to reflect is key, and a good bracelet can pop without having to try too hard.

Pendant Necklaces

Pendants, like many jewelry pieces, often get relegated to the sexist “women only” category of jewelry when, interestingly enough, there’s no better statement piece you can hang off your frame. Typically a nice symbol of some kind with a little heft should stay in place while also drawing attention, should you be wearing it on the outside, or under a heavily-opened collar.


Braided jewelry coming up comes in one of two styles – metal or fabric/leather. Braided metal, whether on a necklace or a bracelet, has a look of strength and will be incredibly durable. It’s also rarely out of style, and a neutral tone means a good braided metal bracelet or necklace will travel far. Braided fabric or leather bracelets have a naturalistic look and feel and hint at your down-to-earth nature if you have one.

Small Gems

We’re talking very small gems, clustered for the sake of a design or little sparkle. Usually, on rings or pendants, small gems add a touch of luxury and are an undeniable conversation piece/attention grabber for the person with deep enough pockets.


Along with braids, beads have a tendency to come across as more naturalistic, free-flowing and fun. Good ones will last a long time, and if they’re made of a nice soft wood, they shouldn’t clack around too much so as to be distracting or annoying. If you have hairy arms, though, test them out so you don’t put your arm hairs in danger.


Getting your jewelry game on point is as important as the right fit and, played properly, it won’t go unnoticed, but the right choice will subtly draw attention where you want it to. The right piece of jewelry can hint at strength just as well as to sensitivity. Don’t be afraid to flaunt a little or dazzle a lot – how you decorate yourself is all about being true to your own sense of fashion.