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What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

by Alex John |

The Capsule wardrobe is an interesting idea that has been floating in and out of the popular attention for years. The concept of a finite collection of perfect, versatile and complementing clothing; it is at once alluring in its ease and simplicity and intimidating in its restriction.

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

The method is based on a concept store opened by Susie Faux, a designer in London in the 1970s. She offered a limited range of neutral colored, easy to combine basic pieces. The idea is to increase ease in stylish dressing, and simplify the shopping process.

Why it could be the right choice 

This is a chance to shed the clothes you don’t wear and rebuild. If looking good is important but actually dressing is a hassle, this is a valid way to go. 

Essentially, you choose a set of clothing items. Each piece should be a different, daily-wear basic.they should all be neutrals which can be a daily combined for different seasons and occasions. You’ll have your prerelease essentials, shoes for every occasion, and you will want a suit or whatever professional dress is required of you. The capsule method carries over to your work clothes, too. In fact, it’s where a lot of people start experimenting with capsule method principles without realizing it. This is because a lot of people joining the workforce are building their business wardrobe from the ground up.

Shopping is easy, as you just replace your high-quality items, sparingly. Through a little trial and error; you will probably get to know some brands that meet your needs perfectly. You can order perfect pieces in multiple neutrals and you’ll know where to look if you do need a replacement.

You are cutting down on fast fashion as you are not contributing to the trendy clothes that end up in landfills. As you’ll mostly be wearing classic items, you won’t need to be constantly replacing clothing either. 

Why it might not be for you

If you genuinely enjoy selecting, searching for and buying your clothing; this may be too limiting. If you have fun trying on different looks or have a huge closet for a reason, this would be out of line with your preferences. 

This could also just sound really boring to you. If you love color, a neutral palette is like the costume to some movie about a dystopian future. Maybe you don’t want to stick up on basics, maybe you want to wear overalls this fall. 

You’d have to reflect on your lifestyle, how much you enjoy having a large variety of clothing and the space you have for your wardrobe. This could be a lifestyle change that helps you prioritize your clothing choices and streamline your closet. Or it could be unnecessary constructing. 

In any event, it’s a good guide when it comes to packing. For medium to long stay vacations or trips, the capsule method is a helpful way to remember your essentials and get the most out of your space.