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Top Three Science Backed Benefits of a Cold Shower You Need to Know

by Alex John |

It’s 6:00am on a Monday morning. You’ve woken up to a massive blackout throughout town, but you still have to go to work. With lights out, it means you have two options; either take a cold shower, or skip it.  To most people, despite the discomfort, the second option is more appealing. And we get it, cold showers, especially on a chilly morning are not enticing. However, as unappealing this may seem, cold showers are better for you.

Why Take a Cold Shower?

Dunking yourself in a cold shower when you could just take a hot, comforting one doesn’t sound like a fun thing to do but you should do it anyway. Here are three science backed benefits of a cold shower to motivate you:

1.    Boosts Your Immunity

When cold water hits your body, it causes blood vessels on the surface of your body to constrict, slowing down circulation. As a result, blood inside your tissues circulates faster to keep your body warm.

This increases overall blood circulation which is good for you because better blood circulation means better nutrient allocation to your body cells and consequently, better cardiovascular health, and generally, improved immune response.

Also, enhanced blood circulation means enhanced lymphatic circulation, which helps flush out toxins. With your body toxin free, your immunity is strengthened.  

2.    Enhances Your Mental Wellbeing

Want to have a happy day at work? Take a cold shower before you start your day and ensure you put on a quality, and comfortable pair of underwear for all-day comfort and confidence.

A cold shower for about three minutes once or twice a day stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. This in turn triggers an increase in feel good hormones and chemicals like beta-endorphin, and norepinephrine promoting relaxation and happiness.  

Also, the high volume of cold-receptors in your skin during and after a cold shower tend to send a lot of electrical impulses from your peripheral nerve endings to your brain, a process that helps ease depression symptoms.

3.    Speeds up Muscle Recovery

Cold water stimulates the release of norepinephrine, an anti-inflammatory organic chemical known to ease short-term pain after injuries. Cold water also causes vasoconstriction, which helps reduce muscle inflammation after a hard workout.

How to Ease into Cold Showers

Giving up your hot, relaxing showers, and replacing them with a cold one is not easy. Here are some pointers to help you ease into the cold-shower trend:

Test the Water

Before you step into a cold shower, use your hand to test the coldness of the water. If it’s the right level of coldness for you, move your entire arm to get acquainted with the cold, and then jump in.

Take Your Hot Shower First

As noted, two or three minutes in a cold shower are enough to trigger the sympathetic nervous system. To make your transition to cold showers easier, take your normal hot shower first, and then once you’re done, turn the cold setting on, and enjoy a blast of cold water for 30 seconds.

A cold shower in the morning doesn’t just keep you fresh, it’s also good for your overall wellbeing. Make your day even better by dressing up fashionably using these style tips, and while at it, be sure to add a quality pair of underwear and t-shirts in your arsenal.