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Top 5 Advantages of Boxer Briefs

by Alex John |

Boxer-briefs are the most popular form of men’s underwear in the US today. So, chances are, you have already tried them out. They are one of the newest models of male intimates out there, and it’s natural that they answer the undergarment needs of the contemporary man in the best way. But let’s look today at some reasons why this style reigns over all others when it comes to choosing your first layer in the morning.


Whereas boxers can, and will, bunch up on you at any time; boxer-briefs stay in place no matter what you are doing. And when it comes to regular briefs, things can get constricting very quickly. The boxer-brief is an advantageous mix of the two, offering a snug but breathable alternative to the other two older models.


For anyone with an active lifestyle, wearing boxers can prove to be an inconvenience and, even, a risk. For one thing, jostling around while trying to jog is distracting to you and others. But, to take that idea to the next level, what is actually moving around down there? Noted urologist, Richard Jadick, explained in an article recently, that the cremaster muscle, which is responsible for raising and lowering the testicles, can easily be pulled while jogging without enough support.


While boxers enjoyed a style moment in the 1980s with the likes of Joe Boxer, boxer-briefs are at the head of the pack today, with cutting-edge designers making their mark on the garment. Because they are so popular, it means fashion brands can really explore and develop the newest styles and trends. Check out this savage animal-print pair in tiger, or these paisley boys for a more conservative spin.


With their silhouette-hugging design, that still remains loose enough to breathe, there are a lot of options for materials when it comes to boxer-briefs. If you are looking for the comfort of a breathable, natural fiber, check out a pair that is mostly cotton, with a little modal and spandex added for shape and fit. This combination will promote airflow and help keep your most sensitive areas cool and fresh. There are also slinkier pairs out there on the market, like those with a poly-spandex blend that ensures quick-drying and a sexy, silky finish.

Reproductive Health

Tight briefs are widely purported to increase the temperature around the genitals and lower sperm count. For any couple actively trying to get pregnant, staying away from briefs and hot tubs are among the first pieces of advice that males will receive. And while there are disagreements over the veracity of this, a recent study reported findings of 25% higher sperm count in men who wore boxer-briefs over briefs.

It is no small wonder why these boxer and brief hybrids have taken the lead over all other mens’ undergarment choices since the 1990s. The name says it all- they really are the perfect combination of comfort, support and style. Check out a full line of boxer-briefs, and find the perfect pair for your style and comfort needs.