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Three Types of Dress Shoes Every Gentleman should own

by Alex John |

Did you know, about 90% of people you meet judge you subconsciously based on the shoes you wear?

Surprising discovery huh? 

Well, if it’s any relief, they don’t do it intentionally. Humans are visual, and we form first impressions based on appearances. 

That said, if those you meet are to judge you based on footwear, it’s only wise and fair you wear nice shoes, and give them good reasons to keep looking at your feet. 

To nudge you in the right direction, here are three types of dress shoes every gentleman should own, and pointers on where or how to wear them. 

Three Types of Dress Shoes You Should Own

Dress shoes are designed to be rocked at smart and formal events. However, as you’ll see, some are versatile and ideal for both formal and casual events. Here are three different types of men’s shoes you should try to own before the year ends:


Men shoe designs may come and go, but Oxfords are forever. Oxfords are closed-laced dress shoes that rose in popularity in the 1800 after college students at Oxford University decided to ditch the half-boot style shoes that were the thing then for a more modern low-top design of boots.

Oxfords come in an array of designs but are easy to identify thanks to their closed-lacing design. They’re perfect for every formal occasion and smart-casual events. They should be your go-to whenever you want to look formal and respectable. 


These are commonly confused with Oxfords because of their almost-similar shape, but they’re entirely different. Instead of a closed-lacing, Derby dress up shoes feature an open-lacing system which means the facing is usually sewn on the vamp. The open-lacing design gives you a wider, comfortable fit, making Derby shoes slightly casual compared to Oxfords. 

Derby shoes are quite versatile, and are ideal for both formal and casual events. You can rock them with a suit on a weekday, and with a pair of chinos and a white tee on a weekend. But whatever you do, ensure you never under any circumstance rock a brown pair of Derby’s with a black suit because that would be a fashion faux pas of the century. This rule applies to Oxfords too.  

Chelsea Boots 

If you’re looking for a pair of men’s shoes you can pair with a suit on a Monday morning to work, and then take your girl out for cocktails in the evening and still look dapper, Chelsea boots fit the description. 

Chelsea boots date back to the Victorian era, and were popularized by The Beatles in the 1960s, when they wore them to complete their British Mod outfits. 

Chelsea boots feature rounded toes, a low heel, and elastic sides. They have no buckle or laces but you may find some with zippers. They can be paired with anything, from a highly formal suit to a casual cocktail outfit on weekends. 

Shoes make or break your outfit. You may rock the nicest suit, but if your shoes don’t complement it, that’s a waste of good tailoring because you’ll still look out of place. Hopefully, you’ll start stocking your shoe rack with the above dress shoes and while at it, don’t forget to update your wardrobe by adding high quality pieces from our collection