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The Ultimate Skin Care Guide for Every Man

by Alex John |

“Skin care routine.” Those three little words that sound like a lot of extra work. But there’s a simpler way to keep on a regimen that won’t add stress to your daily tasks. We get it, you’re a busy man with a full day ahead to bust your buns. Along with a clean pair of luxury underwear, your skin needs to be just as clean. Having some trouble with success and love? It could be your skin. Here’s a few ways to fix that.

Wash Your Face After Exercise

You’ve just completed some ultimate exercises, igniting both your muscles and your ego. But sweat and other oils produced from a hardcore lifting sesh may cause blemishes. It’s more than just your clothes, you need to keep up your skin care to keep up your swag. Cleanliness is essential for looking awesome, guaranteed.

Moisturize Daily

It’s a cardinal sin not to moisturize at least once a day, bro. Moisturizing isn’t just for women. It’s a basic need for anyone who wants to keep their epidermis free from dryness. No one likes a chafing complexion, that’s not the mark of a true gentleman. Get some simple moisturizing cream for dudes and you’ll be well on your way to optimal skin health.

Keep Up the Sunscreen

Next to moisturizing, you need to keep out those harmful rays for the sun. UV rays not only cause dryness, but premature aging. We want to help you look like a young buck at any age. A great sunscreen on top of a great moisturizer is necessary for the everyday man. It’s not just about vanity, but protection to keep you at your best and healthiest.

Serum After Shaving

Antioxidant serum is a must after shaving or cleansing. Vitamin C will repair your skin and free it from harmful elements of the day. Oxidative stress happens when radicals in your skin create a negative reaction. This can be caused by cigarettes, pollen, or other air pollutants. Smoking isn’t cool anyway, so do your lungs and your skin a favor. Get a deeper clean and deeper repair with a serum.

As you become more accustomed to your new and improved skin routine, you’ll start to build on the extra pieces that will take freshness to a whole new level. You’ll learn your skin type, what eye creams are worth it, and when to start the retinol cream. Word of advice, retinol is key to youthful skin past your 30s. Don’t forget about a invigorating aftershave as well.

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