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The Ultimate Exercise for Quarantine Gains: Yoga

by Alex John |

According to, there’s an exercise that will help you boost self esteem, improve muscle tone and stamina, decrease fat storage, and improve concentration. You’re already awesome as it is, but there’s not a whole lot you can do to keep your agility up in quarantine. Along with it being a great way to workout in a confined space, here are some other benefits of yoga!

  • Lower Your Stress

The National Institute of Health promotes yoga as a means to achieve better mental health, weight loss, and better sleep. Syncing your body and your mind while stretching yourself out will help you to feel as awesome as you look. No one’s going to judge you for extending your hamstrings in your underwear. Let’s face it, you’re due for a stretch day anyway!

  • Relieve Back Pain

Be honest with yourself, it’s impossible to have great form every time. If you’re stacking on weights at the squat rack, you’re likely putting a lot of stress and strain on your lower back. Yoga is the perfect way to relieve musculoskeletal tension. Take a break from the heavy lifting and explore some new poses!

  • Take Care of Your Heart

Regular yoga not only reduces stress, but it keeps you from having body wide inflammation. It lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, and helps boost your glucose levels. You may think it’s not manly enough, but bodybuilders do this! Lean out that muscle and lower inflammation from the comfort of your home! You don’t need to do a highly intense cardio workout every time, try yoga!

  • Boost Your Mood

Better sleep leads to lower cortisol levels which aids in fat loss. You’ll also feel an increased level of alertness and confidence the more yoga you do! We’re all about confidence at DickPrint. Confidence and uniquely awesome underwear! Feel great and keep the gains going year round, even when you can’t go out!

Yoga is a great alternative to your more usual workout routines. You’re sweaty, you’re bored, and you may need to switch it up. You can still feel that sense of freedom and elevated mental state within the confines of your apartment or house. You’re not going anywhere until the quarantine lifts, but that shouldn’t slow you down. Take our word and the expert builders! Try yoga!


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