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The Importance of Foundation in Style

by Sabrena Gartland |

Women understand the importance of foundation in style intuitively. From knowing that foundation is the key to a subtle, glamours, inviting makeup application to understanding that clothes look and fit better when the underwear is smooth and comfortable.

In the 21st Century men are becoming more fashion aware from the bottom up. As men’s fashion transitions from 2021 into 2022, the importance of foundations in style is centered on comfort along with look.

For decades women knew the secret that custom designed, cut, and manufactured underwear is key to well fitted clothing. The cat is out of the bag and men have discovered this essential foundation in style.

From Grungy to Tailored

The slouchy overcoat is completing with the tailored pants as 2021 fashion trends integrate a variety of looks. Moving into 2022 the mosaic of fashion trends will continue to embrace looks at all ends of the spectrum.

In an era when men’s skirts are competing with oversized jeans, tapered slacks, joggers that are traditional and re-imagined from grungy to tailored, with new cuts, the foundation of style in men’s fashion is focused on the new wave in underwear.

As women embrace the new look, feel and enhancements in men’s underwear they are sharing the secrets of how to look sharp from the bottom up. Now that men have a choice of performance fiber underwear specifically cut to envelop, enhance, and highlight their unique body shapes and sizes wearing sleek, tailored jeans and business slacks feels comforting.

The Luxury of Men’s Underwear

Cars, watches, shoes, sneakers, hats, t-shirts, jackets, and most things in life are always a choice between the everyday and the luxury. Finally in the 21st century men’s underwear has broken through the battle lines with a brand that offers luxurious everyday comfort in performance tested fabric blends.

Now men can choose an underwear that caresses and hugs the body to form a firm, flexible, no line foundation for every activity. Run, play, jump, sit for hours in a boring conference room, or ride forever in coach on a transcontinental flight, is no problem with a comfortable foundation. It can all be enjoyed with a foundation of luxurious everyday form fitting underwear that refuses to bunch up and cause crumpled lines in tailored pants.

DickPrint, makers of pioneering underwear for men, has opened the gates of the coliseum in a new battle of the sexes. A battle to see who has the sleekest no line butt clothing fashion look that is smooth, comfortable and enhances the look of bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Comfort Begins at The Foundation

Days filled with running after buses, walking up the stairs, sitting for hours, and every other activity all feel better in a comfortable foundation. Men now have a choice to begin with a comfortable foundation that’s designed to snuggle the bulge.

In the 21st Century scientific research tries to improve everything. Blended coffees, creams, gasolines, and fabrics have all benefitted from laboratory testing and research. Finally, men’s underwear has benefitted with a new design company that is committed to producing scientifically developed clothing fabric that is comfortable, moisture-wicking and keeps its cut and design wear after wear. Without a  doubt the importance of the foundation in style begins with underwear.