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The Best Accessories to Pair with Your Loungewear

by Sabrena Gartland |

Loungewear is acceptable out and about in big thanks to the ways the pandemic has reshaped the way we are interacting with the world. Athleisurewear was catapulted from waning trend to wardrobe staples, and loungewear is getting chic updates to propel it forward as well. Just throwing on the hoodie and jogger set isn’t enough though, so let’s talk about how to punch your outfit up a notch.

Kicks first

The right shoes make or break an outfit. If you’re going for a loungewear look, don’t just throw on some slides or slippers. That causes an outfit to go from shabby chic to just shabby period. A good pair of sneakers or smart boots will elevate your outfit in a way that makes it present as thoughtful, curated, and purposeful. Take good care of your shoes, polish up the leather appropriately and keep your sneakers looking nice and clean. Replace the laces if they’re too worn out and give them a good scrub with a magic eraser so they look brand new.

Headwear turns heads

A coordinated piece above the collar can really pull things together in a great way. Beanies are always a safe choice, but don’t forget about all your other options. Bucket hats, bandanas, even the right wide brimmed hat can be an excellent way to make your look come together and have great cohesion. Just like with the shoes, keep it polished. Baseball hats are always great too, but don’t go for the one that’s tattered and sweat stained. If it’s a softer fabric, run over it with a lint roller and trim any stray fuzz or pulled threads.

Pops of color

A lot of loungewear sets are neutrals, which is always classic. But adding fun pops of color can be a great way to add visual interest to what you’re rocking and showcase a bit of personality too. Consider small splashes of color if it’s something new to you or if you’re wanting to just keep it more subdued and subtle. A great sock in a bright color or unexpected pattern is a fun choice that still is safe and accessible even if it’s new for you. Other small ways to include color can be layered pieces, like a bright or patterned shirt that is layered beneath your hoodie. Outwear can also be awesome in strong colorways.

Jewels for everyone

Never fear rocking some jewelry, even if the rest of your outfit is laid back. A smart looking watch, chain, ring(s), or facial/ear jewelry is a great way to showcase your taste in the finer things. An investment in a timeless watch doesn’t have to be pulled out only when you’ve got slacks on. Your rings can also add an amazing amount of depth to your casual outfits. Remember not to go overboard with it, though. As Chanel said, do a look in the mirror before heading out the door and remove one piece!