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The Art of the Humble Hustle

by Alex John |

Many have a skewed idea of what it means to be successful. For some, it could be kicking back on a yacht in the Bahamas or closing a deal from a tablet on top of a skyscraper. Donning the latest designer swimwear with a mimosa in hand and a lady on your hip is the commercial way to happiness. 

But there’s a catch to this idea that working from anywhere in the world, blowing your bank account on lavish vacations will bring you fulfillment. Success is defined by our actions, but it doesn’t have to be showy. Sometimes it pays more to step back, recenter ourselves, and redefine what it truly means to have it all. 

Staying Grounded as a Means of Success

Let’s face it, everything to be gained in life takes hard work. The world is a jungle, and not for the weak. Marketing gurus tell us to take charge, make the most noise, hustle hard and grind like there’s no tomorrow. But showcasing this hyper masculinity may not be necessary. 

While these motivational speakers aren’t wrong, there might be a better way to chase your dreams without wasting valuable time or energy. 

Success is built behind closed doors. No one is going to drive you to your dreams but you. What if you could be the guy in the room everyone talks about without having to say a thing? Let your reputation speak for you. You’ll be much more respected and sought after. If you work hard and don’t stop, everyone will know when it’s time for them to know. Nothing is more awe worthy than someone who builds his empire in the quiet while others sleep. 

Never Stop Defining Your Life’s Value

While silent intrigue is one way to peak human curiosity, it’s not the only way. Take stock of your life every few years or every milestone. Not only is this a great way to stay grounded, it will keep you on your toes and your mind sharp. People may say they value the man who showcases his glitz and glamor, but that’s not the case. Everyone always wants to know more about the man who builds a brand while taking time for his family. The designer shoes and cars may be fun for a time, but they’re fleeting. 

As President Theodore Roosevelt once said, “speak softly and carry a big stick.” Anyone who tells you you need to be loud to gain success or attention-ignore them. Shut these thoughts out of your mind and move on. Keep your nose to the grindstone, focus on every goal, and refrain from the “busy brag.” In reality, no one cares. Showing them what you’ve accomplished will make them care. Don’t worry about the tactics of your peers or competitors. Everyone has a “formula,” but good old fashioned hard work is the key. Everything else is just noise. Remain steadfast, humble, always be a gentleman, and work hard. In the end, nothing else is more rewarding than looking back at what you’ve accomplished. 

Once your goals are met, the approval of others will be irrelevant anyway. Step back, take a deep breath, and get going. You’ve got this.