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Superior Fashion to Avoid Disastrous Spring Hikes This Year

by Sabrena Gartland |

In these trying times, eliminating stress with a visit to Mother Nature is becoming more of a necessity rather than a hobby. Hiking is a fantastic way to make sure we get a healthy dose of her natural medicine. Mountainous vistas and shimmering lakes can heal tired minds, and exercise invigorates bodies that may not have been active enough in a while. But hey, we still want to look good when we do it, right?

However, you may have the most eye-catching gear on, but you won't be having a great time if you are feeling all hot and sweaty. Maybe blisters are forming on your feet while you build up the dreaded stench of body odor on your soaking-wet clothing. Choosing the proper attire to balance style and comfort can be tricky, so let's look at some key areas of consideration.

Fit the Shoes Correctly

Wearing the right shoes is probably the most critical decision you will make before heading on your hike. Good-fitting sneakers can be OK for a day hike. A better choice, especially if you are going on a more arduous trek, would be hiking boots or shoes.

Make sure they fit well. You should be able to work one finger down the back of the heel, and there should be one thumb width between your longest toe and the front of the boot. 

Make sure your shoe or boot of choice features waterproof and breathable technology, such as Gore-Tex. This means the water won't get in, and the dreaded smell of sweaty feet won't be a burden, either.

Keep the Torso Cool

Wearing a stylish T-shirt will probably be your best option. However, once more, style is perhaps not the most crucial factor. The material you choose is essential. Synthetic fibers such as polyester or nylon are a great choice because they are breathable and moisture-wicking.

 100% cotton tends to hold sweat, meaning that your tee will not dry quickly when you sweat. Tees that blend cotton and polyester offer the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and performance. They are an excellent choice for springtime hiking as well as casual wear.

 On the other hand, spring weather where you live may not be so agreeable. In that case, A lightweight windbreaker with good water and wind resistance can easily be packed if you think the conditions call for it.

You can wear a layer over your base layer if need be, too. A casual merino wool sweater can look great, wick moisture and dry quickly.

Keep the Vital Areas Dry

Of course, nobody wants any retained moisture down there. Period. Breathable underwear is critical. Polyester underwear is a great choice because its moisture-wicking properties will ensure you stay dry down there at all times!

Complete the Look

A hat and sunglasses are essential if you know the sun will be out. You must wear proper hiking socks made from blends of synthetic materials or merino wool; cotton socks are almost a guarantee of blisters. 

Finally, lightweight and breathable shorts or pants made from synthetic fibers will achieve a fabulous look and ensure you complete your hike in maximum comfort.