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Personal Fit

by Sabrena Gartland |

Finding the right underwear is no easy task. There are a lot of things to think about, from style to color to material. Everyone wants a fabric that breathes and a structure that supports. But, above all, there is comfort to consider. And that is something that ultimately comes down to fit.


Unfortunately, underwear sizing is not as intuitive as it could be. And, over time, shrinking or stretching out can occur. Having uncomfortable undergarments is a slow way to go crazy. It is the kind of thing you may not even realize is making you upset. But having a correctly sized pair of boxers or briefs in a comfortable fabric is a support that can also make a difference in your day, in a good way.


Let’s look at some sizing and fit tips to keep in mind when choosing the right cut and style for you.


  • Tight in the right places

Having underwear that is too tight can ruin your mood, your confidence and even your sperm count. You want the elastic around the waist to be intact and secure, but there is nowhere else on the garment that should be that tight.

As soon as a pair starts to bite at you, from weight gain or from the fabric shrinking, make sure to replace them. The same goes for a loose pair that has become stretched out.

This is a good thing to check for monthly. You can take it as an opportunity to weed out any socks, boxers or undershirts with holes or stains.


  • Know your measurements

Unless your thighs are something to contend with for other purchases like pants or swimsuits, there are really two main measurements to be concerned with when  it comes to fit. The first number you will want is the circumference of your hip. This is most likely the broadest part of you, and you can bring the tape measure around so it lines up with both your hip bones. The next thing to do is get a measurement of your waist. This can be done by wrapping the tape around your midsection, and going across your navel.


  • Use the size guide

Most of your favorite brands will have a size guide in an easy-to-find place. This is where your measurements will come in handy. You can also compare things like trunk length or fabric thickness to experiment until you find the perfect combination for yourself. The bonus here is, once you know the sizes of your favorite brand, it will be a lot less work to order from them.

This knowledge is indispensable, especially with more of us shopping from home than ever before.


Learning how to size clothing correctly is never explicitly taught. And with every brand and store labeling their size differently it is easy to be confused. But it is never too late to start choosing the right fit for yourself. It will make a bigger difference in your life than you could even imagine.