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Men's Guide to Getting Organized

by Alex John |

Beyond wallets and keychains, most men’s accessories for organization can seem overly complicated or unnecessary. It can seem like, outside of the basics, these accessories were only invented to try to sell to people as “interesting” Christmas gifts.

But is there some value to these new pieces out there? Let’s take a look at some organizational accessories for men that might actually come in pretty handy.

Key organizers

These small leather key organizers are usually straplike holders that collect your keys. They come in many materials and colors, including leather and vegan leather. They are usually about 5 inches long and can hold up to 10 keys, on average.

They are different from keychains because they keep the keys lying flat, on top of each other in the case. You can select the key you want for each occasion and pull it so that it is sticking out from the stack for use. This way, the tips of all your keys are not extended, which means they can’t scratch your phone or wear out your pockets. 

Money clip

Money clips exude a kind of old world charm. They are definitely a stylish choice. You can find them in everything from gold to resin to leather to carbon fiber...They are enormously versatile. You can get a cutting-edge clip from this year’s fall collection, or you could find a vintage version and have a monogram put on it.

And while the styling is half the appeal, they are honestly good for organizing your cards and cash if you tend to carry a lighter stack in your wallet. This could replace your wallet entirety, especially as cash becomes less essential.

Phone watch

Speaking of cash becoming less essential...Phone watches have become everything from a way to pay, to a pedometer to a daily planner, and more. Of course, it is also an easy way to take calls and answer messages and emails. 

While they have traditionally left a little to be desired in terms of style, they are now being released with different looks and a diverse selection of straps and bands. Some have come full circle and look similar in appearance to a classic wristwatch, and are even being released by watchmakers. 

Travel wallet/passport holder

Travel wallets are usually large enough to hold a passport and include some extra storage and security. Obviously, they are designed with travel in mind, but this doesn’t have to be their only use. 

This would be an option for men who are the opposite of those attracted to the money clip. While a clip holds less than a wallet, and leaves less of a line in a pant’s or suit pocket, the travel wallet will hold a lot more than the wallet, and be a lot bulkier. But that may be what you fall in love with. There will be more room for membership cards, receipts and anything you want to carry around with you. You may find yourself using one at home as much as you do on the road.