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Men’s Summer Suit Style Guide

by Sabrena Gartland |

Finding a summer suit (aka not a traditional wool suit) is not just about finding something that won’t make you feel sweaty and sticky while at the job or at a function. It’s about discovering the best summer fabrics and blending those with the appropriate colors for you and for where and when the suit is going to be worn. It’s also about making sure the suit fits well and remains stylish, since have of the style is the fit. Here are some suggestions for keeping your summer suit game on point.

Suit Material

You can’t do wool in hot weather, because all it will do is act like a heating blanket. There are some other great options that do well in the heat, though, like linen-wool blends, or even tropical wool (which is more breathable due to the gaps in its weave), or cotton twill, seersucker or 100% linen. Whatever you choose, keeping it lightweight and breathable is key.

Suit Color

Sure, color can depend on your “season,” and skin tone and skin color, and even eye color might be elements that help you choose your optimal suit color. However, when it comes to the heat and the sun, you want to make sure whatever you do you’re keeping both away as much as possible, and you can do that with lighter-colored fabric, which reflects light more than darker fabric.

Your Fit

The lighter the weight of the suit, the less forgiving it will be if it isn’t tailored to you well. It might be tempting to stick with a less-tailored suit for the looseness and comfort that comes from that, but one doesn’t actually influence the other. You’ll want to stick with a well-tailored suit regardless of the lightness of the weave.


As always, it depends on the function, but what are you pairing with the suit? Matching sandals are in for a more casual look, and you can’t go wrong with a stylish tee paired with the right suit. If you’re wearing a tie, you can’t go wrong with a nice solid color, and if you’re going without a tie, in warmer weather you’ll probably go unbuttoned, but you can also go for a collarless shirt.


Finding a suit with multiple functions that also adapts to the weather is ideal. Sure, you want to have more than one suit, but if all your lightweight suits can be used for work as well as pleasure, you’re in an even better position. Just make sure you pick colors and weaves appropriate for as many occasions as possible.


You can bring back any style you want, as long as it works for you. Keeping up with styles is always about keeping up with what someone else has decided is the next best thing. If you have the fit, style, color and material down, regardless of the era of the suit, you can bring that style back into fashion all on your own, even if it’s just for you.