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Men’s Health 2022

by Sabrena Gartland |

Men’s Health 2022

Let’s begin the first month of the year with a story about Men’s Health 2022. NOT. At the beginning of every year there are the invariable New Year’s “Resolutions” stories, lists, tips, advice columns, DIY healthy living blogs and on and on. They are GREAT, but they miss the point. Men’s health is an everyday topic, not a once-a-year quick hit.

We all know the drill, 10 resolutions for the New Year, 7 fall by the wayside before the whistle blows on the first NFL playoff game. Snacks, drinks, another Friday night poker game, and there goes number 8. The NFC and AFC Championship games, bye-bye number 9. Can #10 last until March Madness? Who knows?

No matter what’s on the Big 10 List of New Year’s Resolutions, Health should NEVER be one of them. Men’s health and women’s health and for that matter everyone’s health should not be on a list that is equivalent to playing Russian Roulette.

Proper diet, exercise, regular checkups, vaccinations and screenings are confirmed to benefit a healthy and longer life. So forget the Men’s Health 2022, let’s focus on Men’s Health for the rest of life.

Regular Checkups

Men are notorious for avoiding doctor’s in sickness and in health. (Be careful of those wedding vows ladies). In fact one only needs to ask Siri, Alexa, or Google, “Why do men avoid doctor visits?” to find 137,000,000 results explaining why. So instead of focusing on why they avoid doctor visits, we’ll skip to why they should go.

Once known as the yearly physical, doctor checkups are now known as “wellness” visits in an effort to change the dialogue and hopefully the results. A wellness visit is an evaluation of a person’s overall health. Along with the obvious, blood pressure check, heart and lung exam it should include a blood test to check for abnormalities. Catching any disease early is far better than catching it later.

Healthy Diet

By now everyone should have gotten the message, a healthy diet leads to a better and longer life. With the new concentration on pushing vegetarian and vegan diets by star athletes more men are willing to forgo the red meat and potatoes.

Switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet requires a bit more thought than throwing a steak on the grill. It’s not hard to find protein substitutes and achieve a balanced diet, but for some men they need a little prodding. For those who refuse to go the vegetarian or vegan route a big step towards better health is eliminating or limiting soda, and fast food. Remember these are not New Year’s Resolutions, they are rules to live by every day.

Move It, Move It

The message is also loud and clear in 2022 and the evidence will continue to mount. Exercise is essential. No one has to become a gym rat 10 hours a day, but everyone has to move. Exercise should not exceed your physical capabilities. This goes back to visiting the doctor. Be sure your heart and lungs are healthy and discuss your exercise plans with the doctor.

When starting out or increasing an exercise regiment the key is slow and steady. Beginners should learn how to properly stretch out those unused ligaments even before beginning a walking routine. The point of exercise is to progress, not for you to get hurt.

Wearing comfortable workout clothing is always important. Women have a wide selection of fashionable workout clothes while men have been relegated to wearing slouchy sweats which absorb the perspiration and make things uncomfortable, and frankly often smelly.

DickPrint has introduced the first alternative for men to wear while working out, Classic "City" Joggers. With an elastic waistband and adjustable drawstring, they are made with a quick drying medium weight fabric with three convenient pockets. They feature loose cinching ankles that keep them in the right place, without being too tight. It is the perfect jogger for men experienced in exercising for health or just beginning.

No Excuses

There are no excuses, it is not a contest, it is not a list for the New Year, staying healthy is necessary for a happier healthy life. Remember, change your underwear, visit your doctor, eat a balanced diet and exercise, no one can do it for you.