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Men’s Fashion 2022

by Sabrena Gartland |


Men’s Fashion 2022 is screaming colors. The Men’s Fashion 2022 runway shows of the fashion centers, Paris, London, New York and Milan, reversed the minimalist trends of recent years. Neutral, muted colors have been replaced by colors that evoke happiness, playfulness, and a brighter future.

Together we will once again be optimistic about the future after years of being sheltered in place. In 2022 men’s fashion color, patterns, cuts, and designs will proclaim a new era of interactive technicolor. Old trends are joining the lineup of new looks with reconfigured cuts, added features and COLOR.

Bright pinks, deep oranges, textured blues, and bold new patterns in contrasting colors will replace the minimalist trend of the last few years. Beyond the haute couture of the runway innovations, the indefatigable designers of the everyman’s clothing essentials are daring men to take a deep breath and enjoy a life of joy and comfort with new cuts that welcome back the future in rich, daring colors.

Fittingly Perfect

In 2022 men will be called upon to dress for the world again, not for a zoom screen. Rejoining a society where the whole man is featured from head to toe means that fit is taking center stage in 2022. Finding the best fit is the first step back to a fully dressed lifestyle.

A shirt that looks good on a mannequin or model may not meet the challenges of everyman. Shorter arms, longer arms, and broader shoulders all need consideration when deciding on the perfect fit. With all the choices from designers, it won’t be hard to find fittingly perfect clothes in 2022.

Start with the Closet

Before shopping for new fashion in 2022, start with the hidden closet wardrobe. Each man knows exactly why he chooses the same shirt over and over again. It fits just right. Figure out why that shirt, pants or jacket is a favorite, does it enhance or hide a particular part of the body.

It’s a good time to clean house, or rather closets and dresser drawers. Most men have a select few pieces of clothing that give them a fail-safe look. About 90% of the average man’s wardrobe hasn’t been worn in years, not only because of recent events, but because they hate the fit and look. There is a Salvation Army donation box calling for those clothes. Box or bag them and send them off to a better home.

The next step is trying on what’s left and discovering if they really fit or it is an illusion that has been held on too much too long. When done with this process it’s now time to get out and join the color, pattern, cut and design of the new world that men’s fashion 2022 is ushering in.

For the minimalists out there who only have one of each piece of clothing for different activities, work, play, working out, dating, casual and dress, the 2022 fashions are calling out names.


Don’t Forget the Underwear Drawer

The first thing on and first thing off is underwear. It only makes sense that the underwear drawer needs to be refreshed for 2022. Year after year underwear designers proclaim that they have re-invented the underwear, Well in 2022, one designer has introduced or rather reintroduced the tighty-whitey. Maybe it’s new to them, but it sure looks like a grandfather’s underwear.

Avant Garde designers in an effort to stand out have done just that with their 2022 underwear designs. They have not just changed the cut to accommodate a man’s body, they are highlighting features with underwear named, the elephant trunk, push up and ball holder. They are standing out but is the average man going to be comfortable in these designs, or will they be buying them as a novelty that will end up in the Salvation Army bag in 2023.

Maximizing the men’s fashions of 2022 is all about comfort, style, colors and cut. This all begins with underwear that was designed with a good foundation. Dick Print’s modern performance fabrics and designs are more comfortable, longer-lasting, and better for maintaining and highlighting everyman with a comforting fit and feel.