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Men’s Athleisure is Here to Stay

by Sabrena Gartland |

Athleisure made big waves several years ago and this pandemic has proved cozy is here to stay. We are working from home, staying inside, and that further solidifies loungewear as daywear. As this trend continues to grow toward timeless staples, brands are matching the demand and continually upping their selections. Just like with styling any other trend or clothing piece, thoughtful curation leads to a more polished final result. Let’s take a look at how to keep these looks fresh, forward-thinking, and never frumpy or sloppy.

Accessorize accordingly

Just because you’re in joggers doesn’t mean the fit isn’t well put together. Choose accessories wisely. Jewelry like a chain or a sleek watch takes a casual vibe up a notch. The right hat can also help pull things together. Layering is always the key to an outfit that is eye-catching, so look for ways to balance the look that way as well. A long wool coat can polish up some joggers, a layered knit sweater is great,  and a denim or leather jacket is always a great way to play with color and texture.

Coordinate thoughtfully

Just because both pieces are made of similar fabrics doesn’t mean they go together. Be thoughtful with your parings so that the look is cohesive. This might be color blocking with jewel tones, a well thought out monochromatic fit, or inspired team colors. Regardless of the inspiration for the choices, be sure to give the completed look a once over before you’re out the door. If you’re worried about looking too mismatched, going monochromatic is the easiest route to choose to make an outfit pairing look intentional and purposeful.

Don’t forget the shoes

Slides are fine for around the house but when going out, remember to keep the whole look in mind. Joggers can be dressed up with a more dialed-up shoe option, like a Chelsea boot. Sneakers are also a classic combo. Make sure they are clean and tidy. If your pant has a higher cut, choose a good sock too. Patterned socks can pack a fun pop of color, and old school mid-calf socks have come back around if you’re rocking shorts.

Quality fit and brands

Showcasing athleisure as a style choice means treating each piece accordingly. Leave any pieces that are too well-worn for in the house. Choose joggers and sweatshirts that have a purposeful fit. Whether that’s a slim silhouette or a stylistic baggy choice. To avoid looking too casual, try to keep at least one part of the outfit slim fit. A jogger with a baggy sweatshirt and the right jacket or coat is always a good choice. Luxury brands are also doing their own spin on athletic-inspired pieces these days. Picking up a classic piece to mix in is a great way to add a bit of luxe to your fit. Something like a black hoodie, cream colored crewneck, or branded baseball cap are great versatile pieces that can be reworn in many ways.