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Men’s 2022 Fashion Trends

by Sabrena Gartland |

We are still feeling cozy but that doesn’t mean wardrobes aren’t starting to warm up.  2022 is a year that is bright with possibilities in all ways and that is reflected in big shifts in the clothing markets. Timeless pieces still mesh well with all the big trends that are gaining traction. Work in some of these elements with your existing wardrobe to freshen it up. Let’s take a look at 5 big hitters for 2022


Accessories, patterns, and more. Minimalism and understated fits have been here and will always have their place. Whether it’s the world hoping to get back to socializing or all of us just ready for any excitement that we can get our hands on, maximalism and showing out are trending hard. Even if you’re wearing an all sweats fit, throw on a big chain, a bright hat, or some statement kicks.

Bold Colors

Neutrals still have their place, but bright tones are coming in hot. Jewel tones, neons, the brighter and bolder the better. If this is new territory for you, start small to get comfortable rocking louder colors. Hats and socks are always great options for punchy elements. Layering is also your friend here. Tone down a new neon crew neck shirt under a denim or leather jacket. Once you get the feel for them in your wardrobe you can start branching out more.

Sustainable Choices

Recycled fabrics, brands that use ethical labor, and US based manufacturers. People are voting with their dollars more and more every day. Brands are catching on that we all want our planet to stick around, and we want everyone to have fair and safe living conditions. Retailers are stocking more brands with an eco-focus than ever before. You’ll see this with fabric choices, brand mission statements, and other initiatives.

Hybrid Fabrics

Swim trunks to brunch and that’s just the beginning! Performance fabrics are having their moment in a huge way right now. The more transitional and versatile the piece is, the more sustainable it is too – bonus! Everyday wear is getting elevated with moisture wicking, odor resisting, and stain blocking superpowers. Take your joggers and swim trunks out into the city. Consider dressing your joggers up a bit with a wool overcoat and a great sweater.

Outdoors Leanings

Embrace your inner hiker even if you’re only going for a jaunt down to the bodega. Camo and earth tones are huge, as well as other elements like neon hunter orange. Backcountry flair is on the move to take front and center stage even in the city. Workwear-inspired bootcut jeans are back, and functional elements, like zippers and pockets, that were rarely seen off-trail are now out and about. Pair this with some hardworking fabrics and your fit will be ready to conquer anything the day throws at you. A versatile boot with a strong toe and some grip is a great way to start introducing more of this look in with your wardrobe.