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Loungewear in 2022

by Sabrena Gartland |

Why pretend you have anywhere to be when you don’t? If you’re working at home, especially, or just staying home for safety’s sake, you get to treat yourself. And while finding loungewear that feels great and also looks great isn’t always easy, you have options this year.

Maybe the best part of finding good loungewear is that nothing really goes out of style if you aren’t wearing it out. You only have you to please, so even the basics can be good enough. Still, if you decide to get picky, you’re also covered with luxury brands and luxurious fabrics that are bound to be even more comfortable, and might even be stylish enough to wear past your doorway.

Up Top

When we’re talking loungewear, we’re usually talking pajamas during the daytime, sweats, or somewhere in between.

  • Sweatshirts & Hoodies: You can go simple and get a basic sweatshirt, but you can get extra-luxurious if you’re looking for other fabrics, like terry cotton or machine-washable silk
    • Fleece-lined hoodies are another nice option
  • Cardigans: You’re going for knits with a cardigan, and merino wool is a nice wicking material as an upscale option
  • T-Shirts: Look at Pima cotton for a comfortable choice. Some even contain sustainable wood pulp and seaweed, which sounds good, anyway

Down Low

When it comes to the pants area, you’ve got more options than you need. It’s all a matter of exactly how you want to lounge and how you want to look.

  • Sweatpants are basic, sure, but they’re quick and easy. Shop around for some comfy fabrics that suit you:
    • Stretch sweatpants are a nice option that feels snug while also comfortable
    • Some high-end sweatpants use eucalyptus pulp, seaweed powder, and naturally-antimicrobial peppermint oil in their manufacture
  • Performance joggers are more and more popular, whether you like running or not
    • Keep an eye out for joggers made of recycled cashmere, which are sure to make you want to stay at home
  • Lounge pants make you look and feel like you’re ready to start the day strong, even if you aren’t
    • Find a pair with four-way stretch fabric for looseness and comfort in all the right places


Sure, there are sweatsuits and tracksuits, and you can put together combos of whatever works, but the classic combo of lounging pants and a t-shirt are the only ready-made set you probably need. These are either going to be pajamas or something a little more chic.

  • There are some sweat suits made from pre-washed loopback cotton, which holds its shape in a washer and hangs great

Wrapping Up

Stick to what makes you the most comfortable and, if you’re going out, try and keep it stylish and comfortable at the same time. If you’ve got a wardrobe budget and you’re on the loungewear line, maybe nab a few stylish outfits for on the go, and make the rest a delicious mish-mosh for laying at home and looking and feeling however you want.