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Life Skills Every Modern Man Needs in this Modern Era

by Alex John |

The world is changing, and changing fast! Thanks to these changes, gone are the days when men needed superb archery skills. But just because you don’t need a bow and an arrow doesn’t mean you can relax. There are several vital life skills you need if you’re to survive and thrive in this modern, ever-evolving era. 

Top Life Skills Every Modern Gentleman Needs

The concept of masculinity might be different from one man to another, but here are some life skills every modern gentleman needs to master:

The Art of Style and Good Grooming 

The concept of masculinity in the 21st century might be a lot different from what it was about 50 years ago, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get away with looking shabby. Even 200 years ago, men who cleaned up nice were respected, and deemed attractive. 

In that light, you need to know how to tie a tie, buy a suit, distinguish a pair of Oxfords from a pair of Derby shoes, polish your shoes, dress up for the occasion, get a haircut that sits right with your face shape, and most importantly, learn how to manscape (everything needs to be neat from top to bottom).You need to know when to wear a particular type of underwear, and when to rock a different pair

In a nutshell, the art of style and good grooming is a critical life-skill every modern man needs to master. 

Financial Literacy 

Nobody wants to be associated with a man (including your male friends) who is knee-deep in debts because they squander every penny they get. In that light, another critical life-skill every man needs is financial literacy

You need to master strategies on how to rid yourself of debts, make wise investments, keep your spending habits under control and generally, know how to live within your means.

Without great financial skills in this era, life is going to be really tough on you. Do whatever it takes to achieve financial soundness even if it means getting a financial advisor. 

Clean and Organize Properly 

Our hunting and gathering ancestors would collect scrapes and dirt from the ground to keep predators and scavengers at bay. You don’t have to hunt, gather, collect scrapes, or keep any scavengers at bay. The least you could do is keep your space clean.

So, if you tend to leave your socks all over the place and that box of pizza from last night sitting on your table for a week, now is that time to learn how to keep your space clean, and well-organized. Besides, a clean, well-organized space will always win you some bonus points with the ladies. 

At Home Skills 

Every woman, whether your mom, sister or friend, likes a man who can change a light bulb, fix a leaky faucet, or change a fuse. So, at home skills are equally as important to every man as they are to women. 

Learn how to change and make your bed, remove a stain, install some shelves (remember it only counts if they don’t fall the moment she places her vase), paint or wallpaper a room, make at least one cocktail, and most importantly, keep a houseplant alive, or take care of her pets when she is away. Generally, you need to learn how to survive every day. 

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