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Leisurewear Gift Guide

by Sabrena Gartland |

Pajamas are a traditional holiday gift, right up there with socks and slippers. And, for a lot of us, underwear is also high on the list of gifts we’d receive as kids. It served as a good checkpoint at the end of the year to replace garments that can get worn out.


As adults, socks, underwear and leisure wear can become utilitarian, especially if you are always buying for yourself. But, receiving luxurious basics can really become a source of pleasure. Having crisp, fresh cashmere socks, or a luscious, buttery cotton-blend tee; these are the kind of things that can make your day.


To give the gift of comfort is a memorable and useful strategy, and a good one to adopt for your shopping list this year. Choosing intimates or basics for other people can be a little tricky, though. Here are some ways to get it right.


  • Underwear

These can be a delicate item to buy. This is probably reserved for people you are very close with. There is also sizing to consider. If you know the waist size for the recipient’s pants, then you can consult a style guide to get the sizing down.

Another option is to choose a quality company, whose collections include both underwear and loungewear, and go for a gift card from them.


  • Socks

There are two approaches to gifting socks to men. The first idea is to provide them with a collection of interchangeable, durable but affordable socks. Try to get about 30 pairs, to cover a month of use. This kind of quantity-minded gift can actually be useful, as long as the quality is not too low. Take a look at your recipient, socks are actually more personal than we may first imagine. Does he always wear low socks that are barely passing the edge of his sneakers? Does he wear black, thick socks to support himself in his work boots? Make sure to get these details down before you make your purchase.


The other approach is to go for super luxurious socks- the kind that not many people would buy themselves for daily use.  Check out silks and fine wools, and don’t be afraid to explore patterns and colors.


  • Sweats

These are always an appreciated gift, as long as the sizing is correct. Even sweatpants that are slightly large can be comfortable for home use, but if you get the sizing first you can avoid this. This is usually a safe gift too, because even if the style or color is not what your recipient prefers, he can still wear them at home as long as they are comfortable.


Search for a durable pair of sweats or joggers, maybe something with a little bit of style. If they look good enough, they can be worn at home and out for semi-casual social situations.


Basics and leisurewear gifts do not have to be exclusively for children. You can elevate these kinds of presents by getting the size right, paying attention to the person for whom you’re shopping and choosing a luxury fabric or style to make a memorable gift.