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How to Stay Fit During the Holidays

by Alex John |

You’ve been grinding all year to look and feel awesome, but the winter months are bringing change. In the next month or two, those dumbbells will be put away as you eat too much and move too little. But it’s not all hopeless as there are things you can do to avoid fitting into St. Nick’s trousers. Remember, the holidays are for a day, not a season, and we’ve got you covered!


  • Keep Moving

Simple enough but harder to put into practice as you stare wide eyed at the Thanksgiving day parade this fall. You don’t need to bench press your max to keep your body in good standing. Take every opportunity to keep yourself up and moving while you eat cookies at grandma’s! Run errands, go for a walk, or offer to help out in the kitchen. Even if you’re eating right, you can still gain weight if you don’t move enough!


  • Be Good to Your Sleep

When we don’t sleep enough, our body becomes stressed and cortisol levels go up. This can lead to weight gain and overall sluggishness. Even on vacation, it’s vital to get enough sleep and to sleep well. Avoid late night alcohol and meal binges as you deck the halls with the ones you love!


  • Hydrate

When you feel and look out of whack, hydration might be the problem! If you’re gunning for that second plate of mashed potatoes, avoid soda and booze. Instead, drink water during and in between meals. This will keep you from eating too much or drinking the wrong things. In other words, skip the cocktails and head for the H20!


  • Plan Ahead

If you know your mom is making her famous pumpkin pie after the holiday meal, avoid the sweets beforehand. Instead of watching the game all day with dad, take a walk or leisurely bike ride. You can still relax while maintaining good habits. The key is to plan ahead and know what you’re eating and when you’re eating it. Sometimes eating less is more important than eating exactly right all the time. Maintain some sense of portion control and avoid the snacks! Having a slight schedule can encourage a more enjoyable vacation. Stay feeling good!


When it comes down to it, staying fit and healthy during the holidays is dependent on the little things you can do when you’re not in your typical routine. Eat less sweets, don’t drink as much as your aunt Ruth, sleep deeply and on time, and hydrate! Above all else, keep moving. Nothing breeds fat like stagnation! No matter what happens, don’t be hard on yourself once celebrations cease. Allow yourself a week or two to get back into your rigorous routine. Sometimes the best thing after time off is patience and self care.


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