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How to Flirt: A Guide for the Modern Gentleman

by Alex John |

Flirting is an art old as time itself, yet one most men find hard to master. If you’re one of the many unlucky chaps who find it hard to flirt without coming off as creepy, then we got your back man. Discussed herein are pointers on how to flirt for the modern gentleman, so you can finally get your crush to blush without coming across as sleazy.

How to Flirt for the Modern Man

When done right, flirting with a girl or guy you’ve always had a crush on is not just satisfying, but can also get you the girl or boy of your dreams. Here’s how to nail it:

1.    Confidence! Confidence! Confidence!

Confidence is sexy. Confidence makes you attractive. It creates this sexy aura that makes the person you’re flirting with curious about your self-assurance. It radiates positivity and increases your chances of getting out of the conversation with a date. So, be confident. One of the ways to boost your confidence is by dressing up nice.

When you clean up nice, it not only captures the attention of the crush but also makes you feel good about yourself, consequently boosting your confidence.

Get quality tees, and if you only meet your crush while on the morning run or at the gym, get yourself a quality pair of joggers.

Other ways to boost your confidence include learning about yourself, replacing negative thoughts with positive ones and never stop improving yourself.

2.    Maintain Eye Contact

Cliché as it may be, the eyes are actually the windows to the soul. You can tell a lot by the way the person is looking at you even before they talk. When flirting, you can tell if the person is listening, or whether they are interested in what you are saying through eye contact.

It shows them they have your individual, undivided attention. Maintain eye contact with your crush during flirting. Do it in a nice, flirtatious way, and not in a creepy manner that’ll make her/him uncomfortable.

3.    Don’t Be Graphic

Complement your crush subtly. If you think they are sexy, find a way to get the message across without sounding sexist or being creepy.

For instance, if they look good, tell them something like “you look stunning today” and not “I really like how those pants hug you” as this is too intense, and might be considered inappropriate, especially if it’s the first time you are flirting with your crush.

4.    Do It Offline

The reason why it’s so difficult to flirt or establish relationships nowadays is because nowadays people rely on apps and online dating platforms for flirtation. If you know your crush on a personal level, use a different approach and flirt with them offline.

Smile and say hi to them when you bump into each other, ask them to take a walk with you, or have a picnic at the park. In other words, just find opportunities to flirt with them offline.

5.    Don’t Stalk them

Flirting offline and stalking are two different things. Showing up at the same places they are at and then calling it a coincidence or liking all their Instagram pictures from ten years ago is stalking.

Use the tips above but while at it, pay attention to their feedback. For instance, if after your attempt to flirt offline your crush still doesn’t respond to your DMs, respect them and move on. Otherwise, you risk coming across as obsessive, and that my friend, is not a good quality on you.

If done right, flirting is equally satisfying, and rewarding. Use the tips above to get your crush to see you in a different light and don’t forget to up your dressing game by shopping our collection today.