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Getting the Perfect Underwear Fit

by Sabrena Gartland |

You probably already have a preference – boxers, briefs, boxer briefs or something else – but you might not have thought about the fit too much. Not many men, do. Men are given what they’re given when they’re young, and just keep sizing up. For comfort, health and style, it helps to know exactly what to look for and to find out just how your fit affects your profile and how you feel. It’s not just the top layer that lets you feel your best.

Boxers or Briefs?

Boxers are loose-fitting, briefs have support, and boxer briefs are a confident middle. Boxers allow for more air circulation than other types, which helps control odor and sweat. Briefs are great at controlling moisture and reducing heat because they’re so snug-fitting, and they’re usually pretty good at staying hidden under your clothes in terms of lines showing.

What Fabric is Best?

There are a few options beyond the traditional cotton or silk choice, each with their own properties and benefits to the environment. Here are some common options:

  • Cotton: All natural and comfortable, can provide warmth or coolness depending on the thickness
  • Microfiber: Provides great support and stretch, and often great at wicking away moisture and helping prevent odor. Not great for the environment, however, as washing it puts plastic into the water system
  • Stretch cotton: A combination of cotton and spandex to provide extra flexibility
  • Micromodal: A very silk-like fabric that is considerably more absorbent than cotton and is often used in exercise clothing

How Do You Find the Best Fit Type?

There are three basic fit types – low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise. First, make sure your underwear is actually a good size for you. Going for the size you used to be can cause physical discomfort and possible distress, from squeezing your internal organs too tightly.

  • Low-rise underwear rides below the waistline, designed for clothes that require this look
  • Mid-rise underwear is designed for the natural waistline
  • High-rise underwear is designed to provide extra support above the waistline

Take a look at your underwear and be sure you have enough room up front. You don’t want to be too constrictive.

How Should You Take Care of Your Underwear?

First, make sure to get new underwear if you have a small amount of them. Every 6-9 months is the ideal replacement time if that’s the case. Keep an eye on what condition they’re in, as underwear that is wearing out can also cause discomfort.

Always wash your underwear according to their instructions, and turn them inside out before washing them. Air drying is best, to avoid fabric and elastic break down.

Summing Up

A good underwear fit isn’t just about how you look, its how you feel. Too tight can actually cause physical discomfort until you change it up. Too loose and you might not have the protection you need. Feel it out and make sure you’re wearing something that feels like it’s barely there, while doing all the work it should.