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Four Men’s Shoe Styles for the Summer

by Sabrena Gartland |

It’s easy to take shoes for granted, especially if you’ve got a few standard, go-to pairs and maybe an extra bad-weather boot or something. This summer, though, is the time to get a little trendy while also opening up your wardrobe to a few options that meet a few of your needs. Maybe you need a little color in your wardrobe, maybe you just need something a little breathable. Whatever your feet need, here are four footwear options bound to not just be in style this summer, but to help you expand your shoe options.


Sandals are back this summer (fine, they never really left) and there are options available, even on the high end. Vionic’s Wyatt Toe Post Sandal is light, comfortable and durable, with arch support, and the materials are eco-friendly. Birkenstock’s Arizona Essentials EVA sandals are made with comfortable EVA foam and run on the cheaper side ($40-50) and while they don’t look like classic Birkenstocks, they have the same comfort level.

Boat Shoes

Whether you’ll actually find yourself on a boat this summer or not, it doesn’t hurt to look like you’re ready to hop on a catamaran.  You can find boat shoes of all types out there, but Sperry Top Sider’s unique take makes the inside of their boat shoes out of seersucker. They’re striped like a barbershop quartet’s striped seersucker jackets, but the outside is single color leather, with more grommets than you can shake a stick at.

High Tops

You have your choice of high tops out there, too, but this year the ones to have are Converse’s Chuck 70 High Top Parchments. They are light-colored and medium weight, with a recycled sole and cork liner. They’re clean enough to fit summer casual just as well as they’d fit business casual. At $85, they’re on the pricy side for sneakers, especially for a pair you really need to take good care of to keep clean, but the comfort and flexibility makes these high tops worth it.


Dress shoes can be hard to find in anything other than your typical brown or black leather, with an okay insole and annoying, tiny shoelaces. Give Original gran Wingtip Oxfords a shot, though, and you’ll be wearing breathable, knit oxfords that can pass for business attire as well as part of a barbecue outfit. The Stitchlite material is proprietary to Cole Haan, designed to hug the foot, keep shoes lightweight, and help control the most annoying part of any shoe – moisture build up. They come in black, navy, and dark grey, or “magnet,” and they’re the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.


Obviously, some of these options are a little on the pricy side, so there’s nothing wrong with shopping around and trying other similar versions. Shoes that look the same are likely going to function the same. Regardless of price, few shoes are made to last anymore, so find a style, look and color you like, and go for it.