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Five Tips to Finding Your Own Style Quickly

by Sabrena Gartland |

We’re aware of the irony of trying to tell you how to be yourself. The second you follow our directions, you’re not really doing your own thing, right? This is where we get a bit bogged down in the difference between guidance and instruction. Don’t be afraid to take a few tips here and there, as long as they can get you to where you actually want to go – a place that makes you feel most like yourself.

What Are You Watching?

Pop culture, especially movies and TV, have been informing fashion forever. For instance, the t-shirt as a standalone outer garment wasn’t really a thing until Marlon Brando popularized it in the film version of A Streetcar Named Desire. What shows do you like the fashion from? Doesn’t matter the era or even the gender – if you like a look, take it for your own. If it’s vintage, it’s probably easier to shop for in a thrift store, too.

Find Your Cut / Take Your Measurements

DickPrint has numerous blogs about ways to find your fit, especially in underwear, but not everyone knows how to get their measurements done right. You can find many options online for getting measurements done the right way; any of them should point you in the right direction to finding cuts that suit your build. These measurements are critical, because you will not only find that off-the-rack stuff fits better, but if you find your way to a tailored garment, you’ll never experience a better fit.

Find Your Colors

We’ve talked before about color-coding your wardrobe, but typically you’ll want to look at your eye color, skin tone, and hair color to find out what colors suit you best. Cool blue and green? Warm reds and yellows? If you wear a dark suit, what’s the best tie for you? Same with a light suit. You can figure out many of these options simply through skin, hair, and eye color.

Try a Tailor

Once you have your measurements and your colors and your style, head to a tailor. Get a suit, or a few. Even if it’s just one garment – especially since a tailored suit can be pricy – you need to know what a tailored piece looks like on you. For more guidance, you might even listen to something like NPR’s Life Kit style guide.

Make a Fashion Board

Just because it sounds a little cheesy doesn’t mean it won’t work. Go back to elementary school, grab some of your magazines or other publications, and cut stuff out that you like the look of. And sure, if you’re living in the 21st century, you might do the easier thing and just start a Pinterest board – all you have to do is surf around a bit and add clothes you like to your list and you’ll have an idea of what to search for. Fashion’s most important element is you and what clothes you find yourself comfortable in.