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Five Shaving Tips for Men

by Sabrena Gartland |

Ever been shopping for the shaving basics and suffered what they call the “tyranny of choice?” Too many options can overwhelm you, especially since the only word you have to go off of is what is on the product’s label. As it turns out, regardless of the number of blades on a razor, or what cream or gel or foam you shave with, a good, clean shave is actually more about your shaving technique and how you prep your skin. Here are five tips for giving yourself the perfect shave, every time.

Sensitive Skin Requires the Right Cream

More men may have sensitive skin than realize it. We’re not often expected to keep track of how our skin reacts to certain products, but you’ll know – if you use a product continually and your skin breaks out or becomes generally irritated, you at least know it isn’t right for you. One of the best options for shaving sensitive skin is a foaming shaving cream indicated specifically for “sensitive skin.”

Go with the Grain

It might feel more like you’ve really cut the hair as close to the skin as possible if you go against the direction of the hair growth but, in reality, this is more likely to cause overall skin irritation and razor bumps. Instead, shave with the direction of the hair to keep your skin in the best possible shape.

Keep the Blade(s) Clean

You should be sure to rinse your razor blade after each pass over your skin. Whether running it under the faucet or in your filled sink, you should keep it clean for effective cutting with each swipe, and to avoid further irritation from old hairs or old oils. You should also be sure to throw away your disposable razors every five to seven shaves, and you should also replace your blades at the same interval.

Use Cold Water

Shaving can cause inflammation on anyone’s skin, regardless of sensitivity, so be sure that you rinse with cold water after you shave, to keep that inflammation down. You should follow this with a moisturizer with at least 30 SPF to keep the water in your skin and protect you from UV rays when you’re outside.

Keep Your Razor Dry

Make sure that your razor is dry between shaves, as a wet or moist razor is a place where bacteria can grow. Keep your razor away from your sink and out of the shower when you are storing it.


Sure, five blades sounds impressive, and the animation that shows a blade lifting and trimming hairs looks convincing, but if you learn your way around your own skin, you might not have to drive yourself bonkers anymore just trying to take care of the daily hassle of shaving. What’s more, it can be fun to find a product that make shaving easier and maybe even less painful than you’re used to. Pampering your skin is something you’re allowed to feel good about, so why not do that with how you shave?