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Five Productivity Apps to Smooth Out Your Day

by Sabrena Gartland |

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a particularly grueling work day, or a stressful day at home, taking care of bills, our wardrobe – all of our personal business – some days just don’t pan out the way we plan them. Sometimes, you might even find yourself planning out smaller, menial tasks just so they take priority in your brain. Tracking these things half the time comes down to memorizing or writing some of it down, putting some of it on our calendar – it’s rough. Here are five apps to help you sort your day out.


A reminder app that specifically concentrates on due dates. You can choose when you get notifications for each individual item and can snooze them if need be. The Due app sends notifications throughout the process until the task has been completed if you’re the kind of person who thrives on constant reminders.


A great daily task organizer, FacileThings specifically uses the Getting Things Done (GTD) method pioneered by David Allen, a five-step process that is meant to keep you concentrating on the task at hand. It’s all about helping you feel in control of what you’re accomplishing without having to suffer through the anxiety that often comes with task juggling.


Maybe you’ve already heard of The Pomodoro Technique, which is a method of productivity used to break down your day into manageable time slots during which you only work on one task. Engross is based on that same theory, using a timer that you can set to the desired length. It also helps track how distracted you are if you set that up, keeping records of what times during the day you are most distracted.

Some apps are useful just because they allow you the time to think, not think, or just to meditate on the day. plays music that is geared toward whatever you’re going for at the moment – whether that’s focusing better, meditating, or just trying to get in some good sleep. The app is free but, like most, there is a pro version for a fee.


If you want a simple interface for sorting and managing your tasks, Todoist will be a great option for you. This app is mostly for projects, but sometimes project-based sorting is equally helpful for personal tasks. In addition to robust task tracking and task management, Todoist also enables you to share your projects and task lists with others to collaborate on, or even allow yourself the opportunity to have someone keep you honest on your task list.


Sometimes it’s not even a matter of how busy you are – sometimes it’s just about confidence. Finding the time, the organizational skills, or the confidence, though, is not always as simple as flipping a switch. You need to find methods that work for you, not the other way around – don’t build your calendar or your task list around anything other than your actual needs.