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Five Men’s Skin Care Tips

by Sabrena Gartland |

Anyone held to impossible beauty standards is going to be told to concentrate on the things that, really, don’t matter in the long run. Taking care of your skin might be simply about how the skin looks after or because of treatment to some people, but there are legitimate health reasons to take care of your skin, not to mention how good it can feel to have clean, well-cared-for skin. Men’s skin care, it should be noted, is also different than that expected of women, as men’s skin is thicker and differs in other ways, as well. Here are five tips for men to help take care of your skin.

When and How to Wash Your Face

You might already know that washing your face once a day is recommended, and you may already be taking care of it. You don’t want to over wash, to avoid stripping necessary oils from your skin, and using bar soap is not recommended, due to the ingredients in most bar soap also contributing to skin dryness. You should use a mild cleanser with lukewarm water, and you should also definitely wash your face after exercise.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Along with washing, you should moisturize daily. This is very much an appearance thing, but if you want to reduce lines and keep your skin looking “youthful,” you should use a moisturizer after you bathe or after you shave, while your skin is still a little wet.

Protect your Skin

It isn’t just direct sun that affects your skin negatively – clouds don’t block UV rays for you. You should always use some sort of sunscreen – preferably waterproof – when heading outdoors. You should use broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to guarantee the most effective results. It’s also advisable to wear light but long sleeves, a hat and sunglasses.

Keep an Eye on Your Skin

Keep an eye out for any spots on your skin that could be a concern, especially if they might be early signs of skin cancer. If there are new moles or other spots on your skin that bleed, itch or change color, you should speak with a dermatologist. If it is caught early, skin cancer can be very treatable.

Check Labels

Make sure whatever you’re putting on your skin is actually good for it. Oil free moisturizers and cleansers are best if you are acne prone, and if your skin is sensitive, you should consider bare bones cleansers, with as few fragrances (preferably none) as possible.


Taking care of your skin is all about diligence. Fortunately, following a regulated regimen will help you stay on task when treating your skin with the care it deserves. Keeping your skin supple and avoiding dryness can only help you over time, and protecting it from harmful UV rays will help prevent long-tern health concerns, as well. There’s no arguing against a skincare routine that helps keep you safe and healthy, as well as smooth.