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Five Hair Care Tips for Men

by Sabrena Gartland |

It’s easy to take your hair for granted, especially if you’re set on a style, and you have a regular haircut scheduled, and maybe you even have a counter filled with your preferred products. It never hurts to keep an eye out for new ways to care for and style your hair. After all, the healthier your hair it is, the better it will look, and the more product you use to keep it that way, the better chance you’ll have for a look with longevity.

Try Salt Sprays

You may be familiar with hairsprays, gels, mousses and pomades, but salt sprays are the latest thing to keeping your hair styled and fixed in place. You can air dry or blow dry with salt sprays, which have the ability to give your hair extreme hold, while also increasing the volume of your hair, through the natural properties of the salt. Be sure to spray it onto damp hair, rather than dry or very wet hair.

Wash Your Hair Every Other Day

Some people are still washing their hair every day, which strips away the hair’s valuable oils. This makes your scalp dryer, as your natural skin oils actually keep your scalp hydrated. Shampoo is fine three to four times a week, but any more than that and it actually has damaging properties.

Damp Hair is Best for Product

The time to shape your ideal hair style is while it is still wet, even to get a loose idea of a shape. When it is damp, though, is the best time to introduce product, since many are water-soluble, meaning they can be harder to use unless the hair is damp. If you blow dry for about 30 seconds you’ll get it a bit drier than fresh-from-the-shower, and the products can take hold and keep your shape and your style much longer.

Texture is King

The length of your hair is much less important than the overall texture of your cut and your style. The more varied the texture, the better it will look as it grows out. Your cut effectively lasts longer this way, rather than extreme, straight cuts, which do not age well.

Dry Hair Needs Oil

Especially if you have naturally-textured hair, you should be keeping your hair and scalp hydrated with oils. It is suggested to use a co-wash instead of shampoo, and to then use a leave-in hair conditioner to complete the process. This will keep textured hair much more healthy overall, and less brittle, and helps keep the scalp in a good, clean, hydrated state as well.


Hair health and style can both go hand-in-hand. You don’t have to take care of one before the other, as long as you’re doing both at the same time. You want your hair to stay as supple, stylable and consistent as you can for longer-lasting hair, a cleaner, healthier scalp, and more styling options for your hair in the long run.