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Five Grooming Trends for Looking and Feeling Good this Spring

by Sabrena Gartland |

With the cooler air and the warmer clothing comes a little something we don’t like to talk about as much when it isn’t “sun’s out, guns out” season. Grooming is a year-round situation that takes a little dedication, especially as the cozy months come around. Fortunately, beyond the basics, there are a few things you can do to make it a little more obvious that you’re not just taking care, but that you’re also taking notice. Taking notice of yourself is a great way to stay on top of the image you present. Here are five ways to show people this fall that you’re taking notice of your look.

Beard Grooming

It’s not just keeping a short beard or staying clean-shaven, if that’s your look. It’s all about the fact that – no matter what length your beard is – all your facial hair is in place. The opposite of unkempt is a tight look that shows you gave it all a once-over before you headed out. Especially with mid-length beards, it can be hard to keep some of those hairs in place, but making sure you keep it tidy and properly oiled goes a long way to showing that you love your beard.

Beer Foot Soaking

There’s always an experimental idea or two about when the new trends come buzzing around the corner, and this one certainly fits the bill. It is said (by who, we’re not sure) that some of the ingredients in beer can work on certain infections and help clear dead skin from the bottom of your feet. If you decide to do this, make sure you use a twelve pack in case it doesn’t really work.

Sports Pedicures

Pedicures show that you’re paying attention to the oft-ignored, but incredibly important foot. They remove dead skin, tighten up those toenails, and leave you shining and relaxed below the ankle. The “sports” part of the equation is the best part, though – it involves getting a relaxing leg massage that keeps you in better shape for your workouts.

The Salt and Pepper Glow-Up

Some guys want to hide their salt and pepper hair, others want to keep it. One upcoming idea is to not just embrace the grey but to emphasize it. A little dye goes a long way to giving you blue and pepper or red and pepper. Whatever floats your boat.

Natural Skin Care

Brands like Waleda and The Seaweed & Bath Co are companies that specialize in a growing trend of organic and natural skin care products. It’s a way to look out for your body and the environment at the same time. Why introduce chemicals into your body that it doesn’t need, when you can get the same great results from natural ingredients?


Getting that perfect fit is a big part of confidence building, but so is looking and feeling your best. Find products that relax you and make you feel like you look good.