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Finding Accessories that Work For You

by Alex John |

Part of looking your best is having a good time with your style. As you build your collection, you will get to know your pieces. You will come to think about the way you can match and combine different elements. Things like matching a great tee with a smart blazer for a relaxed meeting, or the perfect pants and boots for a night out, can become a fun way to express yourself.

To add dimension and personality to your look, think about trying out some accessories. Especially if you have been interested in adding something new, it can be worthwhile to check out the accessories area of your favorite store. Try things on, and be honest with yourself. This may be a trip where you bring a friend along, as having a little assurance can go a long way. The most important thing to think about when choosing an accessory is whether or not you’re feeling comfortable. And you also want to imagine how it will go with the rest of your wardrobe. 


Sunglasses are something that can range wildly in price. You have to think about how likely you are to sit on them or leave them on a bus. If you have your heart set on a designer pair, you may want to try on some knock-offs first. Drug stores, and even supermarkets, can have fashionable styles at very affordable prices.

Try them on in the store, but try to get a look outside as well. You want to make sure the tint is one you can live with. Make sure to also look out for the fit. You don’t want to get a tension headache from a pair that may be too tight.


In winter, a scarf is a worthwhile investment for style and warmth. In the summer, a kerchief around your neck can help with sweat or can double as a mask if you find you need one.Think about how the color of the scarf looks around your face. If you have blue eyes, look for a pattern with blue woven in. Try on different fabrics. Cashmere is usually worth the investment, especially if you are only looking for one to last the season.

Another fun avenue to explore is using pocket squares. These can offer a delightful pop of color. The look can be completed with or without a tie. You can check for different ways to fold it at the store or online.


It is worth it to take a spin around the men’s section of a jewelry counter, to check out the different pieces and how you feel about them. Sometimes adding a ring can bring a hint of interest and shine to your look. Or maybe a chunky link bracelet will reinforce the look you have already been creating. The fun part is to figure out what works.

A more traditional piece of mens’ jewelry is a mid-size chain. Look for one in stainless steel with gold plate, silver or gold, depending on your budget. It can get interesting looking at different styles of chains, such as Cuban links or rope-style.