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Fashion Forward: Five Time-Tested Style Principles to Guide Your Fashion in 2021

by Alex John |

As cliché as this may sound, looking good actually makes you feel good. A well-curated outfit helps you look and feel fantastic about yourself. But dressing well is an art only few have mastered. If you’re one among many who are yet to master it, then you just hit a jackpot because outlined herein are five time-tested principles you can use to guide your style in 2021.

Five Ultimate Style Principles to Guide Your Looks in 2021

There are one too many rules in life as is. It would be unfair to add more. That said, note, we’re about to hook you up with style principles, and not style rules. These principles will come in handy whether you’re looking for something as general as a pair of pants, or as intimate as a pair of underwear and will make your journey to dressing better a tad easier. Without further ado, check them out:

1.    What Do You Like?

Style is personal and individual. You cannot feel good if you wear something you dislike.  In that light, one of the key style principles to looking good is identifying what you like.

If you’re like most men, you’ll probably be quick to say you don’t have an eye fashion but truth is you actually do.

To figure out what you like, create a list of five people whose fashion sense you think is awesome. Now, look at what these five people have in common when it comes to style, or note down what it is you like most about how they dress up. Just like that, you’ll have identified what you like.

Keep what you’ve identified in their style in mind every time you’re out there shopping so you can create a wardrobe you’ll love.

2.    Get the Right Fit

Fit is king when it comes to style. Getting the right fit solves 90% of your style problems. If an outfit is too baggy or too small, it throws your body’s proportions to the wind.

For instance, if an outfit is too baggy, it makes you look sloppy and fatter. So, always find the right fit.

Rock attire that conforms to your body’s shape so you can be comfortable and stylish without adding bulk to your frame. This applies down to your underwear too.

3.    Invest in Classic Pieces

Fashion trends and styles will come and go, but classic men pieces are forever. If you’re not an avant-garde when it comes to fashion, try to invest in more classic outfits.

Single-breast navy suits, white tees, and slim-tapered trousers are a few examples of classic pieces that never go out of style, are suitable for a diverse array of occasions, and tend to look good on everyone(as long as they are the right fit!)

4.    Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!

A stylish, masculine watch can transform an outfit from basic to stunning and stylish in seconds. So don’t be afraid to accessorize. Invest in quality timepieces, sunglasses, men bracelets, and any other accessories you love.

The rule to nailing it is keeping it simple. That is, if you’re rocking a sophisticated watch, keep the bracelets at bay so all the attention can be on the watch. In other words, don’t over accessorize.

5.    Keep in Mind Money Buys Clothes Not Style

You don’t have to wait until you attain Bill Gate’s net worth to look good because it’s possible to get quality pieces on a budget. So, even if you are a college student on a tight budget, there are plenty of awesome pieces as long as you take your time selecting them.

One more thing, you don’t have to buy an entire closet at once to look good. Just splurge on one quality piece at a time, and by the time you realize it, you’ll have a closet full of high-grade, stylish pieces.

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