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Fall Essentials for Men

by Alex John |

As everyone is getting in their last cookouts and beach trips, the nights are getting colder and fall is almost here. Classically seen as one of the most entertaining seasons for fashion, it can be a fun time to check out your wardrobe. Let’s take a look at some fall fashion essentials for men. 

Striking tees

Fall is about layering. You want to be able to catch the warmth of the afternoon sun, but not catch a chill coming home in the evening. Having a trustworthy array of quality t-shirts takes the guesswork out of daily dressing for casual or semi-formal events. Pairing a splashy graphic or solid-colored tee with a sweater and blazer can get you through different social occasions and different weather patterns. It’s a good rule of thumb to have about a week’s worth of clean t-shirts, especially if you travel often, or don’t have laundry at home. 

T-shirts are usually too difficult to mend, so take the change of the season as an opportunity to toss any that are damaged or torn. 

Fresh shorts and shirts

Just as the fall is a good time to take stock of your tees, it is also a great moment to check your underwear and undershirt collection. Check for any tearing or pilling on the fabric. Check to see that there is no portion of your elastic bands that are worn out or losing fibers. Think about how they fit, are they still offering  the support and shaping you need. It is helpful to have a schedule where you inspect your clothing. And don’t be afraid to stock up on new pairs of brands and styles that you already like.

A great blazer

Finding a blazer that fits well and suits your style is a wonderful feeling. It is certainly worth the trip out to try on several different cuts. You could also order a bunch to your house and then choose the best fit. 

Autumn is a good season because it is a forgiving time weather-wise. You can experiment with corduroy or serge or wool blazers and not worry about being too hot or too cold. Layering a scarf over, or a sweater or sweatshirt underneath, can be an interesting style choice as well as a way to get comfortable. 

Leather (or vegan leather) walking shoes

Fall is a nice time to step out of sneakers for social events. Invest in a good pair of boots, oxfords or loafers. You want something a little bulkier and darker than you had for the summer, in order to fit the style of the colder months. 

Depending on where you live, you probably won’t need snowproof or insulated shoes at thai point in the year yet. So have fun with your choices, look for some styles you may not have tried before. Maybe this year you want to look at a moccasin or a chukka. A lot of men’s shoe styles are kind of timeless, so you can try a new style and not worry about it being on trend.