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Fall and The Unexpected Workout

by Alex John |

As it turns into sweatsuit weather out there, in a lot of areas it is about to get a lot more pleasant to be spending time outdoors. Whether it is the gritty haze of the city in the summer, or the insect-filled and muggy countryside, the hot months can actually be a difficult time to get a good outdoor workout in. 

You’ve probably been spending a lot of your exercise time in the gym, or getting up early for a run before the cruel heat of the afternoon sets in. But now, with that friendly chill of the new season, getting out there and getting active doesn’t have to be an unnecessarily sweaty affair.

Here are some activities to do in the autumn that can get your heart rate up or strengthen your body; in some fun or unexpected ways.

Apple Picking

A lot of apple farms are actually huge, sprawling orchards that cover many acres. Instead of parking in one spot and doing all your picking nearby, take the opportunity to walk around the whole property. Bring a group of friends or family, or a date, that will also be interested in getting some steps in. Not only are most of these places gorgeous, they are also sweet-smelling and lively with activity. Stepping up and climbing down the little trees is a good way to stretch and get in some cardio. And carrying pounds of apples, if done correctly, is a workout in itself.

Pick up Two Hand-Touch Football Games

Organize a weekend game - all you need is an even number of people who want to have fun. Scout out some parks in the area with a generous playing area, or check to see if anyone you know has a good yard for a game. 

If you are new to the area, or don’t know a lot of people who like to get rowdy on the field, you can also check out parks near you for an existing game. And football is not the only option. See if there is a soccer game going. There are a lot of fun sports that do not need much in the way of equipment. 

Also - there are plenty of basketball, tennis and volleyball courts available in many public parks and complexes. So don’t let having the right equipment or not stand in your way either.

Indoor Swimming

It is a little counterintuitive, but swimming outdoors for sport is actually more difficult in the summer than in other seasons. This is because, in the summer, everyone wants to be in the pool. Although there are lap-swimming days usually offered, these can fill up fast. Finding an indoor pool, devoted to serious swimming, makes it a lot easier to get a good workout. And, it is something you can do no matter the weather. Of course, many gyms and sports clubs have pools with lanes like this, but there are also community and private pools to check out. Do an internet search and don’t forget to check out reviews.