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End Of Year Pep Talk

by Alex John |

Just because 2020 hasn’t been the strongest, doesn’t mean your gains need to be weak. We get it, it’s been a rough, tumultuous year, with many questions still lingering into 2021. It’s time to sit down and have a chat, reassessing the most important takeaways from this tough time. Think about where you’re at and what you have to be thankful for as the season of giving ensues. 

Think Back on the Positives

If you’re feeling out of commission due to all of the uncertainty and quarantine rollbacks, now’s not the time to beat yourself up for what you could have done better. With gyms and restaurants closed for the majority of 2020, it’s no wonder why you’re feeling a bit flabby or unsocial. That’s okay man, you’ll bounce back, just like you always do. Besides, there’s an upside to this madness. This time next year, you may be yearning to have that downtime back, so it’s best to enjoy it now. 

Realize Everyone’s in the Same Boat

It’s not your fault when the rest of the world has been put on hold. Sure, many talk a big game about hustles and gains in lockdown. Truth is, life interrupts, and humans aren’t machines (even though you may feel like one). By being a little more cautious (and yes, less motivated), you may actually be staying on the safe side. Everything that’s been put on hold will come back. For now, you don’t want to compromise your health. It’s better to stay inside and make up for it later than put yourself and those you love at risk. 

Don’t Let Fear Slow You Down

Regardless of trying to stay on the safe side, don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from living your life. There are rules we must follow in the meantime, but it will pass. Do what you can for now and be prepared for when lockdowns lift. When they do, do whatever it takes to pick yourself up by the bootstraps and hit the ground running. Don’t ever let fear stop you. 

Hopefully this pep talk will be the encouragement you need to finish out the year strong in whatever ways you can. Don’t be down on yourself, remember you’re not alone, and don’t be afraid. Most importantly of all, enjoy yourself this holiday season! Do whatever you can to spend time with those who matter most . Just remember to stay COVID safe and follow CDC guidelines! Just one more push through to the end of 2020, bro!

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