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Contoured Underwear For Men

by Sabrena Gartland |

Loose, formfitting, body hugging, molding or contoured underwear for men, it’s a big decision. Today the choices in men’s underwear goes way beyond your grandfather’s options. No longer are the designers and manufacturers of men’s underwear stuck on pause with a one cut fits all choice. Today the designers, manufacturers and retailers have opened up and are willing to put men’s underwear front and center.

A clue to the choices in men’s underwear is a look at the men’s clothing departments at the big box department stores. Shelf space at large box stores is the priciest real estate per foot in the world. Men’s underwear selections used to be relegated to the end of an aisle or jammed together with socks and pj’s. The choice throughout the last century when shopping for men’s underwear consisted of briefs or boxers and seasonal long underwear. Throughout the 20th century, cotton was the king of men’s underwear fabric and it was actually seen as a revolution.

The Men’s Underwear Wars

When the 21st century rolled in the innovations in men’s underwear were much touted but barely noticeable. The no-label underwear for men was advertised as the greatest thing since the ball point pen. Other men’s underwear designers and manufacturers opted to not only offer no-label, but blended fabrics. Then the color wars began.

 In a startling introduction, men’s underwear was now offered in living color. The choices were no longer white or white, but a multitude of colors. Not to be outdone, the couple of big names in men’s underwear who were caught with their colors down, placed a bet on designs, prints and novelty messaging.  

While the two or three big names in men’s underwear played the I’m bigger than you game, men were basically left with the choice of boxers, briefs, long johns and the newest revelation from the underwear wars, boxer-briefs. The end result was that underwear in the men’s section of large department stores earned an entire aisle of shelf space.

New Cuts in Men’s Underwear

Once the men’s underwear war began each new battle was a one upmanship game. Touted as innovative but really just remolding the choices in women’s underwear, designers repurposed the cuts into a men’s version.

Popular for oh so long with women were body shaping undergarments. Among the choices in women’s underwear were body hugging, shaping, form fitting and contouring.  There is no need to mention color and fabric blends because women’s underwear has always been light years ahead of the men’s version.

As the designers of men’s underwear jumped onto the ship, suddenly, tag less, colored, patterned, novelty and fabric blends were no longer advertising buzz words. The new words prominently displayed on the packages of mass produced men’s underwear were, body hugging, shaping, and form fitting.

Men suddenly had choices in underwear that rivaled the aisles of choices of the women’s underwear department. One problem. They were not designed for the contour of a man’s body but repurposed designs and cuts of women’s underwear.  

What makes a man a man biologically sticks out beyond the body. Men’s underwear looked great on the neutered mannequins, smooth and flat. However for a man to look good in the same underwear designed with a straight-line cut, his manhood has to be squashed, realigned, and restricted, making for an all-day uncomfortable, torturous fit.

With a mission to free manhood, a new army of men’s underwear designers were formed. They quickly entered the battle and won the war with a mission to create premium high-performance underwear contoured to caress the shape of the man’s body. To the designers at Dick Print it was glaringly obvious that men were not flat, so the cut of their underwear shouldn’t be either.

The makers of Dick Print underwear combined the key victories from the underwear wars with a cut that was contoured to fit a man’s body without restriction, constriction, crushing and flattening. Dick Print men’s underwear allows freedom of movement for comfortable days and sexy engaging nights.