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Color-Sorting Your Wardrobe

by Sabrena Gartland |

If you’re not color-sorting your wardrobe, that’s okay. No one’s forcing you. But if you have trouble making decisions about what to wear, or if you don’t trust your own decisions when it comes to clashing and complementing colors, a ready-made unified outfit for the day isn’t a bad idea.

Check Yourself

How do you organize your clothes right now? Just by type? Prints separated from graphics separated from plain colors? Organizing by color will not just help you unify your daily theme, it will help you identify the holes in your wardrobe.

  • Throw everything on your (clean) sheets and sort everything by color, then by type. This will immediately show you what colors you’re missing. You don’t exactly need every color of the rainbow, but the key is finding out if you’re missing one that you haven’t tried. What if puce is the key to your confident stride?
  • Sorting also shows you what gaps you’re missing within those colors. Maybe you have some purple shirts and purple pants, but what about purple socks? Or purple underwear?


Decide how you’re re-organizing your wardrobe. Will you have a red drawer, a blue drawer, a green section in the closet, an orange section, etc? Or will you keep everything organized by type – pants in one drawer, shirts in another, etc? Think about this: what’s the easiest way to keep yourself organized when you’re getting ready when you wake up? Maybe you’re better at having it all in one spot, maybe you get energized by the ritual of going from one drawer to another.

This is the key here – uniformity doesn’t mean the same as conformity. This is your uniform, so you get to decide how to put it together and how you wear it.

Fixing Your Situation

Once you’ve determined your wardrobe gaps, go about filling them. You don’t have to go high-end here, especially if you’re just trying to complete a part of a color wheel. A few things to remember:

  • No one needs all the colors, so if there’s one you hate or hate how it looks on you, don’t force yourself to buy it
  • Dressing in all one color, or all one color theme, helps you set the tone for the day, literally and figuratively. Think about the tone you’re setting as you’re filling your wardrobe out
  • It’s easy to find multi-color sets of some kinds of clothes, especially if you look. Getting a rainbow set of socks is easy, and filling out your wardrobe from there is a breeze

Testing It Out

Once you have your method, or are ready to try a few methods out, see how your uniform makes you feel. Look around and see what other folks are doing with a single color. Feel this out. Maybe you need a pop of color instead, and maybe you prefer your old method over this one. Either way, this is going to remind you of what you have and how those colors make you feel.