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Closet Check

by Alex John |

Whether we have someone to blame the clutter or mess on, a lot of us have too many things. We acquire clothing and shoes, framed pictures and photographs and multi-generational heirlooms and treasures. It is a well-known behavior of people as they age.

In the US especially, there is an obsession with holding on to our stuff. This is evidenced by our enormous patronage of storage facilities, all across the entire country.For that reason, you may as well protect yourself when it comes to your closet. You’d be surprised how much mileage a suit or shirt can get; and all while being on a hanger.

Here are some ways we can help you shed some of your burden. The point is to understand how to keep track of your closet, and how to keep it stocked without holding on to the things you do not need. 

How often do you Wear it?

One way to avoid the burden of clothes. that are no longer useful, is to keep a mental tally of how often you wear them. Do you always pass by that flashy blazer? Is it just not right for you - let that go. A good rule of thumb is to imagine the last time you wore a particular item. You can decide your own parameter for the timing, but make a rule and stick to it. 

The same principle is not applicable, however, when it comes to formal wear. If you have a great dinner jacket, suit or button-down; hold on to them. Make repairs if necessary. Remember, depending on your lifestyle, there are only so many special occasions per year. It is worth it to have a default formal look, and even worth a trip to the tailor if the fit is off from any weight fluctuations.

How damaged is it?

For undershirts, socks, sweatpants and underwear; the choice is clear. Just get rid of anything with holes, stains, tears, etc. This is something you should check in about every 6 months or so. Some people invest in low-quality basics and never admit it to themselves. You deserve fresh, clean sloths next to your body.

The only kind of clothing worth mending is the kind that was designed for it. Quality suits, hats and handmade leather shoes are things you should not let go of. We live in a time of fast fashion. Investing in ethical brands and giving new life to past items is a great way to combat that. It is also a good way to present an individual presence. If you choose good quality items from the past, they choose you back. 

What is the “trend” or “classic” value?

Fashion has a way of fluctuating. Keeping up with literal trends beyond the age of 30 is a grueling adventure, unless you work in fashion. 

For an average well-dressed man, stocking up on quality basics is the way to go. From there, you can find classical pieces that really suit you.

You can’t repress a whole culture of hoarding in an afternoon. But, by learning some simple guidelines, you can at least feel on top of your closet, your wardrobe and your style.