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Classic Movie Night | DickPrint

by Alex John |

With restrictions coming down, people are getting excited about dating again. For an intimate and interesting twist on dinner and a show, look into the past for movies that stand the test of time. 

Here are some classic, but not dated, favorites to enjoy with a nice meal at home. You can add some charm to the evening with old fashioned cocktails, like Manhattans or Gimlets, and make some popcorn on the stove. 


“North by Northwest”

In this runaway train of a movie, we are swept from the shores of Long Island to the heights of Mt. Rushmore without so much as a pause. Cary Grant exudes an easy charm and brings his special brand of wry humor into this story of mistaken identity and espionage. And Eva Marie Saint thrills as a cool, sexy blonde with a secret. 


Another Cary Grant film, this thriller also features Audrey Hepburn as a widow who finds herself in the middle of a mystery, with no one to trust. The chemistry between the two pulls the viewer in, and the story rattles right along with expert pacing and twisting storylines. Set against busy Parisian streets, seedy hotels and labyrinthine underground stations and plazas, Hepburn and Grant shine with help from a young Walter Matthau and a colorful cast of supporting thugs and lowlifes. 

Horror/Sci Fi

“The Crawling Eye”

Also known as The Trollenberg Terror, this is probably the most forgotten movie on the list. But it’s worth digging up because of its tight pacing, supernatural elements and great characters. Set on a stormy mountain top, the film showcases an interesting group dynamic, as travelers stuck together in a hotel join forces to survive an unknown threat. Trying to piece together the deadly mystery, the group relies on two psychic sisters who were drawn to the location by a powerful force. There are some real moments of suspense, and while the unveiling of the final monster is cheesy at best, it adds to the overall fun. 


“Some Like it Hot”

For all her charm and iconic sexuality, Marilyn Monroe doesn’t get enough credit for being hilarious. The story is set in a ritzy Miami hotel where Marilyn Monroe is part of a visiting all-female band. What she doesn’t know is that Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis have infiltrated her group, disguised as women, to hide from mobsters. Of course, both men fall for Monroe and a hilarious competition ensues.There’s a lot of fun, jazzy music scenes, and Monroe sings a number of songs herself. The whole movie sparkles and creates a beachy, funny and sexy vibe.

“Blazing Saddles”

This Mel Brooks western holds up today as both spoof and satire; and it’s funny enough to make your faces hurt from laughing for the entire 93 minutes. Set in the wild west, the story follows Cleavon Little, a black man who is appointed sheriff of a small town. With hilariously goofy characters and gags, the interest centers around the friendship struck between Little and Gene Wilder, playing a washed up gunman, as they battle a villainous gang leader. While both raunchy and silly, the movie has some real heart that backs the jokes up with substance and interest.

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