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Choosing the Perfect Tee

by Alex John |

When it comes to one of the most overlooked pieces of clothing, it is actually one that is probably seen quite often, ironically enough. We are talking about the tee-shirt, and whether you dress them up or down, layer them under or over, chances are they are a big part of your life. And that is why choosing them merits a little understanding and reflection.

Here are three pointers for ensuring your tees are giving you all that you need. 

Finding the Fit

Most agree that going for the basic lines of a crewneck tee-shirt is the best move if you want a natural, comfortable look. Unless you feel strongly about your love of v-necks, stick with a comfortable crew neck that gives you a little room around the neck. You don’t want it to be tight, but not stretched out looking either. 

The length of the shirt should be just about at your hips. This way you can tuck it in or layer it without it riding up on you or hanging down too long. 

And this is where it gets tricky, because every brand has different sizing. If you find a brand you like, you can work with their measurements. Just check out your length and shoulder seam needs and compare them to the sizes.

The Right Stuff

When it comes to choosing a tee-shirt, comfort is obviously key. Many people love the rich feeling of cotton and on softness alone, it is hard to beat. But there is more to a material than just the feel factor. You are going to want to think about how it retains its shape, how fast it dries and whether or not washing and drying it will change the size. 

A good blend for a wearable, comfortable shirt that is still durable to have around for longer than a season is 55% cotton and 45% polyester. The polyester keeps the form of the shirt, and deals with any sweat accumulation much better than plain cotton would do. The cotton provides the appealing softness of the shirt, and helps make sure it drapes nicely. A fully polyester shirt would look pretty tight and silky, and maybe not in the most appealing way.

Coloring the Mood

Color is a big choice. You have to decide what colors, and what shades of that color work for you. You can also consider trends for inspiration. The best approach, though, as always, is to be true to your personal tastes and styles. Basic tees come in a kaleidoscope of colors. Try to pay attention to which colors make you feel the most confident.

If you are still building your wardrobe, or haven’t found a palette you love yet, go for neutrals! Black and white tees go with anything. Keep your whites bleached for a constantly fresh look every time you go out. There are products to help keep your blacks from fading as well, but letting it evolve into a comfortable and faded grey can be a good look too, at the right occasions.