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Camping Gear for 2022

by Sabrena Gartland |

Being out in the woods is no reason to pretend you’re away from civilization. Why escape to the woods when you can just visit the woods and bring the outside world with you. You’re not trying to escape anything, right? Okay, maybe you’re up for striking a little balance. Maybe you want to escape from the harsh realities of the real world, but you need a little extra convenience so that relaxation comes quicker, last longer, and feels deeper.

Here are a few camping accessories to look at for this coming camping season, as well as some wearable options that might technically count as fashion if you lived out in the woods all the time, and only came into the city to relax.

Sleeping Quarters

Maybe you just want a little spot to call your own for the night. Maybe you want to pretend you live in one of those trendy tiny homes that seem affordable until you do the math and realize you don’t have easy access to a shipping container. Whatever your preference, you have some good options this year:

  • Tunnels: Basically a segmented, long tent that can fit a dozen people. Convenient if you want to keep your friends close
  • Inflatable Bubble Tents: Just what they sound like, and provide zero privacy on their own. A rain-free way to stare at rain
  • Annex Tents: They attach to the back of a car or truck so that you have access to your storage and a little added protection for those special items, too. Helpful if you need access to your vehicle and its battery

Kits and Tech

There are always options that are way-too high-tech for what you actually need. In fact, you probably only need a basic survival kit, a kitchen kit and a first aid kit. However, if you want to zhuzh it up a bit, there are some simple bits of kit to try out:

  • Two-Burner Stoves: Better than a one burner, especially if you have multiple mouths to feed
  • French Press: They make them shatter-resistant for campers now! Can they do that for the home ones?
  • Portable espresso makers: They’re manual, too, so no batteries to worry about
  • Fold-Out Love Seats: A camping chair, but longer and more romantic

Camping Almost-Fashion

If you like gear and you like fashion, you can technically have a combination of the two with a couple of options that allow for mobility and warmth at the same time:

  • Wearable Sleeping Bags: Technically any sleeping bag is wearable, but with this you don’t have to hop. It has legs. That does, however, mean your legs won’t be together at night, keeping one another warm.
  • Camp wraps: Ever wanted to feel like a really plush super hero? Or have something that keeps you warm for cuddling up but leaves you free to run off and solve crime? Basically a camping cape, camp wraps are a hood with a long piece of sleeping bag fabric on them.

The Last Marshmallow

You don’t have to get high-tech when you camp, but adding a little comfort never hurt anyone, and doesn’t make you any less outdoorsy.