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A Pair of Underwear with these 3 Features is Worth the Investment

by Alex John |


Considering that underwear is the first thing you put on, it's surprising how we spend little time discussing this vital attire.

Many people think reading an article on a men's underwear blog is a waste of time; in truth, it will help you make more informed choices. 

Stylish and savvy men agree that it is worthwhile to spend time picking the right underwear because owning the perfect pair will make you feel comfortable all day and give you confidence and enhance your character.

Yes, the term "right" is subjective; in other words, rightness depends on personal preferences; still, you should always inspect specific characteristics before buying your next pair of underwear. 

Here we look at four features you should always look for before buying a pair of underwear. 

  1. Performance Tested

You might have a closet full of underwear from the most popular brands. But often, you will find that your favorite pair feels comfortable when you are working but doesn’t perform as well during a workout.

At Dick Print, we have designed underwear for any event. All of our designs are made to maintain your manhood and to make you feel comfortable all day.

The Luxe Life Boxer Brief - Grey Tiger, for example, is designed to keep you cool even in the harshest conditions.

We avoid synthetic materials at all costs, so you can be sure that Dick Print's custom fabric is designed to keep things dry and comfy down low, no matter how steamy it is.

  1. Desirable

This might sound like an overstatement, but a man's underpants indeed reveal a lot about his character and personality. Yes, it is unfair, gentlemen, but women will always judge you according to your choice of underwear. At Dick Print we believe in greatness, but we also know that great men’s underwear does not have to be super expensive or overly manly to inspire you to feel great. We aspire to design affordable underwear collections made of high-quality materials and come in attractive matching sets to complement your personality. 

  1. Long-lasting

Nobody wants to spend the entire day tugging at their underwear to keep it from falling. Therefore, a stiff elastic long-lasting waistband that will ensure your underwear remains in position is the first thing you want to check before buying a pair of undies. 

Fabric choice determines the durability of underwear and how soft it is. Dick Print makes men’s underwear from custom-blended performance fabrics that are not only comfy but also durable. Our easily stretchable fabric adjusts to your physique and flows with your body movement without losing its shape.

To conclude, it is no secret that picking the perfect underwear can be a daunting task for most men. At Dick Print, we believe in inspiring men to be the greatest versions of themselves; therefore, here is our number one tip for buying underwear: always be honest with yourself.

Understanding your physique is also beneficial because specific designs are comfier for you depending on your body shape.

And remember, Dick Print only creates premium high-performance men’s underwear.

So, whether you are looking for more breathable boxers or you often sweat and would like a pair that provides excellent airflow. Whatever your needs, be sure to check out our latest underwear collection