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A Gentlemen's Guide to Clothing Repair

by Alex John |

As you start to build a wardrobe that works for you, it is quality that you will find yourself valuing over all. Looking for leather shoes with sturdy soles, or suits with premium tailoring and the best materials, can become a journey in itself. And as you enjoy the hunt, and your well-made clothing and accessories, keep in mind that there is a whole system of repair and cleaning services out there to help you get the most out of your clothes. Let’s take a look at some top ones to know.

Shoe Repair

The thing about having a great pair of shoes is that they last longer, but also that you can repair them when they do start to get worn out. With quality footwear, the different parts and pieces are easy to isolate and replace, if you know what you are doing. You want someone who does it all, from replacing soles on your loafers to repairing the inside of your old hiking boots. Shoe repair people will also be able to help you with other leather repairs, like for bars, briefcases or wallets. 

Dry Cleaners 

You want to find a good Dry Cleaner in your area. If you are going to be having your suits done every month it is a good idea to open up an account. Beyond taking care of your dry clean-only items like sweaters, suits and outerwear, the dry cleaners will also clean, steam and press your shirts. They will usually have a shoe cleaning service, for both leather shoes and white sneakers.

Laundry Service

If you find you have a little more money than time, finding a wash and fold in your area can be the unexpected luxury you need. The amount of money you save by doing your own wash may not be worth the effort and the hours that the task takes from  you on a day off. And this is especially true if you do not have laundry in your building. You can even provide your own detergent if you have allergy concerns. 


Searching online, or asking around, for a good tailor is something that will usually pay off. This is who you will be going to for handling the little rips and ragged edges that come about from normal wear and tear. But you can also visit a tailor for the ups and downs in your weight that could affect the way your clothes fit. 

Jewelry Repair

Let’s say you get a great watch for a birthday or anniversary, but it slides around a little too much on your wrist. Most jewelry repair shops will also handle any help you may need with your wristwatches. This can run from changing your battery to removing a link to replacing your watch face. 

Obviously, this is also the place to go if any of your chains, bracelets or rings need mending too. It is nice to find a good repair person that you trust. Anyone interested in watches or jewelry would be able to recommend a good spot to try out.