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5 Unspoken Skills to Master

by Alex John |

There can be a lot of focus on appearance, job title and connections when it comes to defining our self worth as men. But there are more intangible qualities that can enhance and enrich your life, all while making you a more enticing and helpful individual to others. Here are 5 impressive but very much understated skills that will come in handy in any active and interesting man’s life. 

Know how to dress

From knowing how to wear the perfect tee-shirt to getting the support and fit you need from a pair of shorts, being comfortable and presentable is a huge element to having a successful day. But being confident goes beyond that, that means also that you know how to present yourself at the office and on a zoom meeting in equal measure. This sense of personal style comes from a combination of research, experimentation and listening to yourself.

This goes into formal looks as well, and this can be something that a lot of men have less experience with. It can be worth it to discuss fit and a style that is complementary to you with a tailor or sales associate at an upscale store. 

How to make a fire

If you weren’t in the scouts, this may seem like a strange one. However, no matter where you live or what your lifestyle, it is a great idea to have an arsenal of basic survival skills. No one is more basic, and potentially life-saving, as the ability to create heat, light and smoke that can create a signal. 

How to pair a wine 

This skill denotes a basic level of understanding in anyone who appreciates fine dining. And, of course, once you know the rules you can break them. It is good to understand the rule of thumb about matching whites with lighter fare like fish, or reds with heavier dishes like beef. 

But pay attention to the bottles you enjoy and ask questions at the stores you frequent, they are a wealth of information on interesting pairs. 

Changing a tire

This is something that can really make or break the course of an unlucky day for you. You can end up a hero for yourself or someone else, just by knowing this rudimentary process. And that involves being prepared with the proper spare tire and jack.

Understanding things you can change like air filters and fluids, and knowing about basic maintenance like oil changes and brake lifespan is also essential for your safety and convenience on the road.

Bring considerate and respectful 

There is a lot of focus on being a go-getter, getting on your grind, showing off and being so tough. While standing up for yourself and knowing what you want are the building blocks of being sexy, confident and effective, there are more subtle qualities that can get overlooked. Being considerate and respectful, as a default, is a good attitude to have as you approach life. It's about giving everyone the benefit of the doubt and being open to others' experiences. It's also about having a code as a man to be the best you can, to yourself and others.