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5 Trends for Fall Fashion 2021

by Alex John |

As we work our way to the glorious height of summer, most of us are relishing our long awaited plans and catching some sorely missed time outdoors. We are getting to that time, though, when the sunglasses start going on sale. Soon, jeans and button downs will come rolling into view in the windows on city streets and the Fall season will begin again.

Let’s make the best of it and take a look at some trends speculated to make the scene this year for autumn.


Carrying things will be a little easier, a very little. Tiny cross body bags and phone holders worn around the neck are being seen in fall collections. Some are only large enough for your electronics, while others seem to have enough space for your wallet and other essentials.

Statement Tees

Splashy graphic t-shirts are making an impression this year. The bolder or flashier the print, the better it is. Try layering them under or over hoodies and other sweatshirts. You can also try them with a flannel shirt around your waist for a 90’s look, or tucked in with a belt for a neat take on the style.

Long Coats

Many designers are featuring trench coat styles. These usually fall to the mid-calf, or slightly lower or higher. They can come with or without belts and in a variety of colors, including neutrals like grey, black and even the traditional camel or khaki color. ‘

Another form of the long coat is the leather duster look that is coming out for the season. These are usually featured in black, and have a heavy, sturdy look to them. They also run below the knee, and can even go as long as floor length.

Pajama Look

Big, plush bathrobes are being presented as a kind of jacket this year. They can range from white and pillowy to striped and terrycloth-like. They are usually belted and feature large pockets, just like any bathrobe or dressing gown might. This is a brand new trend in outerwear.

Pajama sets, athleisure pants and even one-piece long johns are also popular for streetwear this year. They are featured in a variety of materials, but there does seem to be a predilection for silky finishes and wild patterns.

Tones of Red/Tones of Beige

Monochromatic looks in general are big this year, but red seems to be making inroads across the board. Try an all-red look by mixing and matching various shades, from brick to crimson to burgundy. Try to use one item in a bright red and more muted hues for the rest of the look.

Besides reds, light browns, taupes and caramels are a big deal this year. And the trend is also to combine them in slightly differing shades. 

Trends are always fun, but remember to be true to yourself while you experiment with new looks. Even if you are cultivating a classic wardrobe, you can find some excitement with the way you style things by following new trends. It is also a good idea to be aware of what’s coming out, so you can make sense of style on the streets and in the shops.